A wrote a little article for a big on-line magazine

I’m proud to have been included in the quarterly on-line magazine known as Insiders Abroad. It’s a magazine from the English-speaking community with inside information and a yellow page directory for Italy, Spain and France.

It was such a pleasure to write a piece for this established on-line magazine that I burst with joy and did the happy dance all over the cobblestone streets of Sardinia.

You can delightfully view the colourful on-line magazine here:

Insiders Abroad April Edition

A BIG thank you to the Insiders Abroad team for featuring my article in the magazine.

18 thoughts on “A wrote a little article for a big on-line magazine

  1. This is terrific – congratulations! The magazine looks spectacular and your piece is lovely. You have done a really great job selling me on Sardinia travel, and also were a great example for what a Destination blog should be (which is what my half-expat, half-travel blog is shaping up as, more and more).

  2. This article was just what I was looking for. We are visiting Sardinia for a weeks holiday and look forward to discovering some beautiful beaches. Any other must see suggestions? We will be staying in the south of the island.

    • Hello and thanks for stopping in and commenting. Im from the north of the island and haven’t any experience in the south. You will have a wonderful time, there is a lot of great beaches down there (from what I’ve heard). Wishing you a great holiday in Sardinia. 🙂

  3. Congratulations and best wishes! I have always told you that you are amazing! How is life in Canada going? Miss you but will always keep in touch! May God Bless! Happy Easter!

    Rosemarie The Sard/American

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