4 fabulous blogs I love right now

I should be out running or taking a nice September afternoon walk or preparing fresh, local ingredients for a traditional Italian tomato sauce, or even attempting to write my book. Instead, I’m inside being delightfully pulled in by the following four fabulous blogs and I just can’t get enough!

Each blog is jam-packed with hilarious tales of life, cooking, learning languages and eating! So, it’s no wonder I haven’t accomplished much since I finished working at the beginning of the month. I’ve continuously come back to each blog excited to discover something new and I haven’t been disappointed. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

4 fabulous blogs by Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life

  • Lady Of The Cakes – Vignettes from a multi-lingual, multi-cake-eating freelance existence. LOTC and I are similar in many ways:  I too am not sure what to say when people ask me “where are you from?” Is where we are from our birth place, the place we spent most our adult life or the place we call home, now? Plus the fact we both seem to fail at doing the required things and all the rest we do in the wrong order. LOTC is beautifully witty, full of sarcasm and worth a read. 
  • Maple Leaf Mamma – Where feminist motherhood meets expat life in ItalyFirstly, her blog name is HOT and creative, it makes me wish I had been more original naming my blog. Michelle is full-on funny with posts like: Bilingual toddler speak (complete with cute video) and her latest post: On deceptive appearances and silver linings which made me reflect on my own ups and downs living in another country, all the while, others outside the realm of expat-hood seem to think I have it all.
  • Bites for Babies – Spicing up baby’s meals one recipe at a time. Written by a Canadian who spends her summers in Sardinia with her family! Instant like! She also whips up amazing dishes for her children that would make any adult jump for delicious joy. Lisa has virtually taught me how to make polenta, after a dreadful attempt to ‘wow’ my husband with my polenta making skills. I am forever grateful.
  • BarbedWords in Italy – Living and writing in Italy. And quiet a bit of cooking… How can someone move to Italy and not enjoy the food, or speak the language? Well, this Brit did it and shares all the fabulous exploits in this entertaining blog. I love the post: Top Ten Tips on how not to write a novel, find an agent, get published and become rich and famous because so many of the points I can agree with. In 1997 I moved to Australia with the idea of writing my book and sixteen years later, with countless I’m-moving-to-XYZ-to write-my-book statements, I find myself living in a mountainous town in Sardinia, Italy still trying to write my book.

I hope you can find inspiration from these four fabulous blogs like I have.

Care to share some of your favourite must-read blogs? Leave a link the comment section below.

Happy reading and happy blogging. 🙂

22 thoughts on “4 fabulous blogs I love right now

  1. Thanks for sharing those blogs. I enjoyed them a lot, also that addition expateyeonlatvia.. true talent you guys have in writing. Cheers! 🙂

  2. Tip on writing a novel:
    Write the first paragraph – or even sentence.
    Add to it whenever you get a chance.
    If it doesn’t start taking over, then don’t bother. If it does – bingo!

  3. Lady of the Cakes is up there for me as well! She is one funny woman 😉 And I’ve just discovered a couple of the others so I think we have similar taste! Thanks for the likes and for following! Linda.

  4. I’m a huge fan of LOTC and thanks for the introduction to the other blogs. I have the same problem when people ask where I’m from. To I say birth place I haven’t been to in over twenty years, where I went to college and stayed for many years, the last city I lived in in the US, or London where I live now. If I say London, they say I sound American. If I say Boston, they ask about the Sox and I have to explain I don’t live there now so I don’t know. Now I just say, “I’ve lived all over.”

  5. Wow, thank you so much; you are very kind and have made me molto contento (see, I’m practically fluent…) I always enjoy your blog, especially the posts about the nudo beaches!!

  6. Holy cow, thanks so much! I am so flattered by the props. And by a fellow Canadian blogger in Italy! I’m just delighted to discover your lovely blog too and appreciate the suggestions for new reading 🙂

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