Keeping Calm with Sardinian Figs

It’s that wonderful juicy time of year again – Fig season! Who needs diamonds when Hub returns home with crates like this? Not I dear reader, not I. Just remember to Keep Calm and Eat Sardinian Figs.

by Jennifer Avventura

How do you dig your fig?

24 thoughts on “Keeping Calm with Sardinian Figs

  1. I just love them so much I can be considered addicted. If you wanna taste them in a unique way split the fig in 4 with the base not cut, put a cube of gorgonzola in the niddle and top it with a nut. Heat it up under the grill and, if seriously gluttonous, add a drop of bitter honey!

  2. Hi Jennifer
    Figs are always a real treat! The green ones are even better than the dark ones, much sweeter! I just love them, plain, made into jam, cookies and cakes so many different ways and yet still just eating one off of a tree can be amazing! Enjoy! Have a beautiful day!

    The Sard/American

  3. I LOVE figs!! Of course, we also have a fig tree in our yard, lol! I’ve made tons of recipes as of late-all fig-based as you can imagine; fig, turmeric and banana milkshake, mashed figs with orange zest and Greek yogurt (so NOT authentic, lol), and roasted figs…YUM!

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