Why you should visit Capo Caccia {Sardinia}

Another great post via Girl in Florence about visiting Capo Caccia, Sardinia.

Girl in Florence


Let’s get lost in the mysterious Capo Caccia – a few kilometers north of Alghero with underground caves discovered in the 1700’s by local fisherman. The most famous cave being the Grotta di Nettuno or ‘Neptune’s Grotto’ which is only reachable by boat or by the treacherous 645 Escala del Cabirol {goat’s steps} staircase carved into the rocks in the 1950’s.

On our recent getaway to Sardinia this was pretty much top on our list of must-sees along with Stintino and La Pelosa beach about an hour to an hour and a half away from Alghero. Though taking the boat seemed enticing, we hopped in our rented Fiat 500 and drove up to the cliffs to see what Neptune had to offer. The drive up is incredibly beautiful, we parked on the side of the road and soaked in the amazing view of the sea and surrounding cove.

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6 thoughts on “Why you should visit Capo Caccia {Sardinia}

  1. Capo Caccia – so called because it used to be a prime hunting area (“caccia” = hunting in Italian) for the Savoys, kings of Sardinia. Also known in Alghero as “il gigante addormentato”, the sleeping giant, as it encloses the gulf of Alghero with its imposing 200-mt (600 ft)-high limestone cliff. Worth a day’s visit, not just at Neptune’s Grotto, but at the whole promontory. Check out the Grotta Verde, and a spectacular view of the Foradada island from across Cala Dragunara. Get ready to have your breath cut short several times during this whole day trip.
    (my 2-p advice: take a morning bus from Alghero, visit the Cape, go to the beach, then in the early pm go down the Escala del Cabirol, visit the Grotto, then hitch a boat ride back to Alghero port. That will cost you the whole roundtrip ticket – they try to discourage people from doing that – but I am pretty sure you don’t want to climb back those 645 steps, more then twice the Tower of Pisa :)).

  2. That place in just amazing and so beautiful, Sardegna has so many interesting places to see! Love the photos! Have a great day!
    The Sard/American

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