Island of Flames as Sardinia Burns North to South

Hundreds of hectares are destroyed as a second day of fierce winds and flames sweep across Sardinia. Two thousand hectares of grassland, woodland, scrub and precious farmland have fallen victim to this senseless act of foolishness. Yesterdays temperature reached a scorching 47 degrees and today will be no different with high winds expected to push the flames across the second largest island in the Mediterranean.

Word on the street is that these fires were deliberately set by a few very stupid people.

The closest fires to me are in Sassari which is an hours drive away. I have not seen flames but this morning I woke to this:

Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life smoke from fire August 7 2013

At around six this morning I awoke to the smell of smoke, I looked out the window and saw this scary sight. Today, unfortunately will be another day of fear and chaos as Sardinia prepares itself for another day of inferno.

Some towns have been evacuated and an alarm(RED) as been issued for the entire island. Today will be another day with temperatures in the 40’s and high winds are expected.

As I write these words tears fill my eyes and goosebumps race across my skin.

Are you there? Share your stories.

Sardinia you are deep in my heart. Please stay safe.

17 thoughts on “Island of Flames as Sardinia Burns North to South

  1. Are the fires set deliberately as arson, or are they set by stupid people who are burning waste? (Though I imagine it could be both.) People burn brush, garden waste and even trash in my area all summer and as bad it is having to breathe in the smoky air, what really gets me is the fear that it could lead to wildfires. People can be so stupid.

    • Ciao Karen,

      Some of the fires are deliberately set others are set by glass which has been left on the ground or by a cigarette thrown out the window. I wish people would take more responsibilities for their belongings and trash then this may not happen to such extremes.

  2. Hi Jennifer

    I had not heard about Sardegna’s fires, keep safe and be careful both you and your husband. I will have to check in on my family in Anela, Nuoro and other towns. I pray that all of you are safe!
    Your Concerned Sard/American,

    • Hi Rosemarie,

      My family is all okay. I’ve read that 5 people have lost their lives. Last night we has such a wicked rain, thunder and lightening storm and I hope the rain washed away the flames.

  3. I ‘liked’ your post but not really sure that a ‘like’ is appropriate considering your situation!

  4. Have seen these fires in the past driving down south from Alghero airport, so sad, hope no one is hurt and that you keep yourself safe

  5. Truly tragic. At those temperatures, even a carelessly tossed cigarette butt, could set off a blaze. Hope things change for the better soon Jennifer. Take care.

  6. So, so sad, Jennifer. I also cannot believe that 47 degree heat. We had 41 in Cortona yesterday (went there for the day) and returned to a cool 40 in the Upper Tiber Valley. I thought we were suffering. Stay well and hope they contain the fires soon. Nina.

  7. God, this is so, so sad! I had seen on CNN that there were lots of wildfires in Europe, but I didn’t realize they were in Sardinia, as well. Stay safe, my friend.
    Hugs from Ecuador,

  8. This is tragic. If this was indeed man made, the perpetrators should be put away for at least as long as it takes the land to regenerate.

  9. I have a very similar smoky view of limbara this morning and there is a strong smell of smoke in the air.

  10. Here in Gergei its at least 10 degrees cooler so fires are minimal. Hope today we get the rain as predicted. Still, character of people is key…a pity this is happening as it does in sicily. However, my muratore told me a simple spark from an electric line can start a fire too, prefer to give the sardinian people credit for being kind and not destructive. Its always the one or 2 who spoil it for others…last yr i went haying with my friend’s cousin and we could see a small fire from the tractor. The fire was out directly though, but i feel sorry for the wildlife, and the shepherds if they lose their animals.

  11. Australia suffers horrible bush fires on a regular basis, and they are terrifying. Many of our fires are deliberately lit too…what is wrong with people????

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