The Flow of YS Falls – Jamaica

Stepping outside of Sardinia for this photo challenge, I find myself at …

YS Falls, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

This 7 tiered flow of water is nestled within a secluded valley in Jamaica’s ‘breadbasket’ parish – St. Elizabeth.

Flow by Jennifer Avventura 2013

YS Falls is a spectacular sight to behold. Throngs of tourists and locals alike flock to this working cattle and horse ranch each year. There are natural pools for a relaxing swim or for the more adventurous there is zip lining over the falls. We spent a good few hours here, hiking and taking in the gorgeous views.

This is my response to the Weekly Travel Theme: Flow.

Have you been to Jamaica? In the comment section below, tell me about one great experience you had in Jamaica.

8 thoughts on “The Flow of YS Falls – Jamaica

  1. I had a GREAT experience in Jamaica about 100 years ago. We were sailing around the island on a friend’s boat. Somehow when we went in to shore in a small cove I got myself tangled up with one of the blades on the motorboat and got a nasty cut on the leg. A very nice young Jamaican man was watching all this from the beach in a most laid-back manner. When we got to shore he administered a great deal of leg stroking to help me, until his buddy told him to cut it out (thank you buddy), then he administered some of the island’s finest medicine, rolled up in something about the size of a cigar. Then we went to his mother’s house, bought fruit, and looked at all the pics of all her kids who had emigrated to NYC. It was unforgettable. Well, you asked!

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