Caldareddu maccu in Sardegna – It’s crazy hot in Sardinia

I’m not complaining, really, I’m not. I’m happy summer is here, I’m happy the sky is blue and the birds are singing their lovely summer songs, but … it’s HOT in Sardinia. So hot in fact that I’m pretty sure I’m melting. So hot in fact, that the winds have pushed the hot African heat our way turning our once lovely veranda into a 35° melting pot.

When the hot burning heat of Africa is upon us, what do we do? Well, for starters we head to the nearest beach and strip down to our birthday bathing suits and take a nice long swim in the waters of the Mediterranean.

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17 thoughts on “Caldareddu maccu in Sardegna – It’s crazy hot in Sardinia

  1. It has been hot here in Shanghai too… 35c + and humid. I can take the heat, but the sticky hot is like walking through porridge! Thankfully it cooled to 25c on Thursday and I actually felt cold after getting used to the heat! No beaches here either and with bad pollution aggravated by the heat we camp out indoors with the AC cranked.

  2. It’s a similar temperature here in Rome but unfortunately I don’t have access to the beach or a swimming pool. Luckily I live near the ice-skating rink and that’s where I’ll be heading today!

  3. Did I miss something while I was away? I thought you had moved to the Cayman Islands….

  4. Hi Jennifer
    I am not a lover of the heat myself, but your solution of the beach sounds perfect! Stay cool and enjoy being back in Sardegna! We love reading your stories! Have a beautiful cooler day! May God Bless! So glad that you are back!
    Your Sard/American Friend,

  5. Swimming sounds like the only way to cool off. I’m afraid I hate the heat. That’s part of why we love living in Ecuador now. We are high in the Andes, with spring-like weather year round.

    Sorry to have been away for so long. It’s taken some time for us to settle into our new home in Cuenca. Some furniture arrived over the weekend. I’m hoping that will help me get back to blogging!

  6. I am more south, but have to say its not that hot here. Also such a wonderful breeze. We are so happy summer has finally arrived in sardegna, what with suffering through a shitty winter and wet spring. That said, we also have still so much green…tho that wont last too long. Are you in a fire zone? Buck up, open the windows and let the breeze blow through your house. I refuse to use the air cond…it is warmer upstairs but still good for sleeping with windows open. Or we lucky residents here can go to the beach! I have yet to find the perfect umbrella tho, here its a must. Never used one in the states but here you would be like a marshmello roasting over the coals, lol. I love summer!

    • We are about one hour from the fire in Olbia and about 2 in Oristano. We also don’t use a/c, we don’t even like it. When I step into a store that has full blown a/c I leave! Wishing you a great summer! Thanks for checking in.

      • I dont like ac either, only bought the units as the price was about the same. Have to say guests insist on it (sometimes i rent the small guest house)
        I have a pool, so probably not fair to say its never that hot here, but i am in the center of the island where we always have such a nice breeze. However i am not stupid enough to sit in the sun all day, and glad i dont have to do manual labor. Can see why so many people take august off, eh?
        Enjoy your summer too! Glad you came back, am sure the caymans are nice for the winter but…

  7. I would definitely melt in 35 degree heat. Going for a swim sounds just about perfect.
    – From rainy, grey England

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