Earth Day 2013

ImageToday I vow to:

  • Ride my bike longer and further.
  • Keep off all the lights, even in the dark.
  • I will not watch evening episodes of reality tv.
  • Instead I will watch the sun set.

What will you do to mark Earth Day 2013?

5 thoughts on “Earth Day 2013

  1. Jennifer
    Happy Earth Day to you also! We will gladly turn off lights and any other things to help! Great ideas, walking instead of driving is always good. It will be a very relaxing day and evening! Candle light makes for a lovely evening, dinner and atmosphere! Thanks for the heads up! May God Bless!

    Your Sard/American Friend,

  2. They sound like great ideas Jennifer. I’ve already been on a couple of errands today on foot. It may freak out my kids if we turn off all lights, but I’ll try to keep them to a minimum this evening.

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