Dear Sardinia: I miss you more than you will ever know


11 thoughts on “Dear Sardinia: I miss you more than you will ever know

  1. I have just downloaded DH Lawrence’s Sea and Sardinia onto my kindle as I came across it after recently reading Lady Chatterly, it’s a bit random but I’m looking forward to reading about this extraordinary island. By the way I live on another extraordinary island nearby … Sicily.
    Your blog looks great by the way, I’m following it!!

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  3. I know the feeling…I am getting prangs of nostalgia all the way from Sydney quiet,motionless,impersonal suburbia……

  4. I can just imagine how difficult a decision it was—as i just retired – last day of work was last wed, and i flew here on thursday. Now am here permanently, just will go back for thanksgiving and christmas… Take heart Jennifer, as the real warm spring days havent really arirved and we are all waiting! But it wont be long! So happy to be here with my Sardinian friends, many of whom are like my family…I am a painter so after all the greetings I will get into the studio.
    Even though I dont watch much tv, I just watched Montalbano for the first time in italian, i have read all the books translated into english (16 so far)-have to say i thought i would be disappointed because i love the books so much, but i really enjoyed the episode. now watching ANNINORA, which i also love. But enjoy your island days.

  5. Jennifer
    We can’t wait to return to Sardegna and family again! It is so very beautiful and interesting. Are you back in Sardegna? Take care and happy that you are writing again!
    The Sard/American,

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