Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique Sardinia

From the deep reds of Jerzu to traditional sweets from the Gallura; in love goats and skulls on a hiking path. Sardinia is a beautifully unique island – and I’m looking forward to exploring more of her hidden secrets.

This is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge – Unique.

What does unique mean to you?

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique Sardinia

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  2. I can’t imagine anything more unique than finding that skull on the path! It does look an intriguing place, Jen. You missing it? Cayman looks a fair swap to me.

  3. Ciao Jennifer
    These photos are truly unique, just beautiful work as always. You put a smile on a person face! To me unique is one of a kind, solely amazing, incomparable Have a beautiful day, please continue sharing! It makes for a pleasant surprise in one’s day! May God Bless! How are you doing in the Caymans?
    The Sard/American,

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