A magical trip down Halloween lane

Halloween is my favourite festival of the year. There is something magical and mysterious about donning a costume, painting your face and taking on a whole other persona; it’s the only time where we can pretend to be someone or something else without ridicule. Most of my childhood I spent in costume, whether it was for a dance recital, a soccer game or just playing around the house with face paints; it was truly a magical childhood.

Follow me on a voyage down Halloween lane.

(click on any image to view in a spooky slideshow.)

Happy Halloween from Jennifer Avventura.

Do you celebrate Halloween? What are some of your customs?

13 responses

  1. These are such classics! In a departure from the typical fairy princess elementary school girl costume, I dressed as Evil Kneivel (sp?) the daredevil, decorating my bike with red, white and blue streamers since my motorcycle was in the shop :-). I remember everything from a witch, to a gypsy, to a 50’s sock hop dancer. I just went through some of my boys old pics, since they don’t dress up too often anymore as teens — when they were younger I sewed their costumes many times, including a dinosaur, a wizard and a polar fleece bumblebee (essential for some of those cold MN Halloween nights!) — thanks for the walk down memory lane ~ Kat

  2. I just had my first trick or treater ever here in Shanghai! She was dressed like a witch. Luckily I had a little chocolate in the house. My favorite costume growing up was my Carebear costume.

  3. These are AWESOME!!! I love the circa 1978 one the best though!!!! 🙂 If only my parents didn’t have all their photos on slides! I would do the same post! I think of all those homemade costumes. My favorite was being a gypsy and wearing all my moms clothes! My kids are super excited about Halloween tonight. It is a full moon too! Should be fun! 🙂

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