“It’s getting so cold, I wanna put my toque on.” – Coldtober in Sardinia

Cold air. Cold in here. Cold air. It’s getting cold in here. So, put on all your clothes. It’s getting so cold, I wanna put my toque on!” Sung to the tune of Nelly’s – Hot in Here.

It’s not only sunshine and rainbows on the second largest island in the Mediterranean; it also gets cold, very cold. Autummer no longer, ’tis now the season of Coldtober. Coldtober has generally been my favourite month in Sardinia.


Last October we had beautiful Autummer days where we lazed on empty beaches, not a tourist in sight. But this year, this year it’s been a rotten wet and cold Coldtober.

The following photo I snapped yesterday afternoon. We’d just received yet another lashing of torrential rain with a snowy mixture of hail and winds so fierce that it made the hail seem like bullets hitting against the side of the house. It was intense.

Bravely I tried to stick my head out the bathroom window; I wanted to snap a photo of this great tempesta. The hail was unforgiving and the wind relentless. I got walloped in the face with hail, wind and rain – certainly not your expectations of a beautiful blue paradise. Afraid for my camera, I retreated back inside to the warm comforts of my bed and with remote control beside me I popped in a chick flick.

Today – I dress myself as follows. I’m not kidding.

Me and my Canadian toque

Wicked weather all over the world. Just last week I was in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, we debated going to the beach but instead decided to clean out the car.

In western Canada there was a large earthquake registered at 6.3M which caused a Tsunami alert for Hawaii just 18 hours ago.

In Queens and Manhattan people were told to evacuate as Sandy starts her wicked decent on the east coast of USA and Canada.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods? Are you in Sandy’s path?

21 thoughts on ““It’s getting so cold, I wanna put my toque on.” – Coldtober in Sardinia

  1. In Gergei it was 18 yesterday, a LOT better than here in the US!!! Wish I were still there, but I have to work for 6 months, and then I go permanently. My biggest problem now is selling my house here, or renting it. So enjoy October, at least you weren’t here in the Hurricane…I suppose even Canada was somewhat affected as the storm diameter was over 900 miles.

  2. Wow, nothing like that happening in Southern California. It’s been in the low 80’s. It should be cooling down in the next couple of weeks. Hope you get some sunshine soon! 🙂

  3. If I think just a week ago I was in Alghero in the beach!!!! Now I’am back to cold London, but also in Alghero is not anymore hot……….
    Anyway, for me the best month to spend time in the beach remain October.

  4. It is 70’s and sunny here in Danville, CA! This is the neatest time of the year for the trees do turn colors and it is wonderful! Waiting for the big chill to come in November! I love you hat! Stay warm!
    The Sard/American,

  5. Daughter and family are in Prague and cribbing about the freezing temperatures there! Feeling sorry for you. Want to swap with our miserable rain and flooded streets? 😀

  6. Weird, weird weather, isn’t it? We had planned a trip “home” to Pennsylvania to visit my aunt this week but had to cancel due to Sandy. Not sure yet how Sandy will impact us here in Kentucky. Hope you can stay warm, Jennifer. We have Coldtober here, as well!

  7. Isn`t the world supposed to be getting hotter?Even here in Sydney winters have been colder in the last few years..anyway,I remember spending time with my grandparents in Lei,a small village in the middle of Sardinia during January with half a meter of snow outside,bitterly cold and miserable,I recall thinking even then : jeez,I definitely never going to live in this place when I grow up!!! I think you feel the cold more there because houses have marble floors,beautiful yes,in the summer,but like graves in the winter…..Sardinia is not just beaches and sunshine,absolutely!

  8. The lack of central heat is what does it. The cold is closing in on Shanghai, but hasn’t quite grasped me firmly yet. It will come. Stay warm!

  9. more like coldnovember since it started just these past two days (at least in florence)… I say this from underneath three blankets :). The canadian in you must resist! haha

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