Travel theme: Couples

Both photography themes this week have thrown me for a loop. I generally never take photo’s of people or other couples and I’m certainly not that advanced in my photography for silhouette‘s. The following is what I’ve come up with for Ailsa’s travel theme: couples. There’s even a little surprise among the photos. Can you find it?

Do you photograph people/strangers? Do you ask first if you can take their photo or do you snap and run?

20 thoughts on “Travel theme: Couples

  1. I do both…except the running. I guess even when I don’t ask I make it obvious so they can let me know if they are uncomfortable with it – then I stop

  2. All is fair with a camera and any subject that would make an interesting photo as long as one is discreet about it! Hopefully without bringing attention to yourself or the subject. Sorry to hear that about your encounter! Have a great day! Great photos! May God Bless!
    The Sard/American,

  3. Generally, I like to snap and walk (running grabs too much attention)because if people are interesting they are usually interesting in a natural way and to ask permission might take away the charm/interest of what you saw in the first place. I have asked occassionally, particularly I recall an Indian shopkeeper who I thought looked beautiful and my asking her permission underlined the compliment I wanted to pay.
    Like Lilly’s comment above, Cuban people love to be photographed, and I would add Indian people to that too – especially the kids, they just LOVE the limelight. 🙂

    • I agree that it can take away the charm of the original intent. I just feel too weird about snapping and walking away or even just asking. I don’t have a problem taking photos of children. I always ask their parents – and it’s no problem. Maybe I should challenge myself and snap more people pics. 🙂

      • I agree it can be uncomfortable. Nobody wants to be treated like an exhibit or even disrespect someone by doing it. Give it a try without being obvious – it’s easier than you think.

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  5. I’ve started getting braver about taking people’s photos, something I rarely did in the past. Most of the time, a smile, a wave of the camera and a “May I?”, in their language if possible, works a treat. I sometimes zoom in on people without them knowing if I want to capture the moment without disturbing them but it does feel a bit sneaky and intrusive.

  6. Two of the best places you can take photos of people are Cuba and Bali,Cuban absolutely love to be photographed,they start posing before they can walk and are confident at accepting their bodies,maybe because they don`t suffer the media advertising and imposing a special kind of beauty : there is no media,not a single magazine,not even from overseas,how refreshing this is,so,old ladies,kids,teenagers, fat ro skinny,all feel attractive in their own way.
    Bali acknowledges our curiosity for their culture,so they let you take photos and their nature is very accommodating,but they draw the line at religious ceremonies

    • Great comment, thank you. I wish our world were more like Cuba – in a way. There is too much advertising that influences young minds in society today – imagine if we didn’t have all that flash?

  7. Sometimes you have to snap and will know. The old women are either friendly or not-secretive or not. Sometimes I ask, usually when I know they will say yes, lol. A conversation then ensues, and a better shot will follow. I shoot lots of strangers if there is something interesting to remember (or use in a painting).

  8. Hahaha I think the right thing to do is ask but I am a definite snap and run kinda gal.
    Actually I try do the take a photo on the sly so I don’t actually look like I am taking one, or have even done the cliched get the friend to go stand in front of what I want photographed !

    • I was once photographed on the sly while I was sunbathing topless on the beach. My hubby had just gone for a walk and the group of Brits in front of us thought it was awesome that this beach was a topless one. I noticed one of the guys put his camera behind his back to snap my photo, in that same instance I gave him the middle finger. I’m sure he was super surprised to see that!

      • Haha nice work ! That is just plain dodgy 🙂

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