Top 5 Things I Love About Living in Italy

Cathy from An Italophile emailed me to take part in her popular expat series featuring expats, who now call Italy home. Thank you Cathy for asking me take part in this great series. I look forward to reading more stories from expats in Italy.

When you’re finished reading this awesome post why don’t you head on over to Cathy’s blog to discover more about Italy. You can find the links at the top and bottom of this post.

She wrote with just one question:

What do you love about living in Italy? 

I’ve lived in Sardinia, Italy for four years and my love affair for the ‘sweet life in Sardinia’ grows each day. I have to remind myself constantly, that this island in the Mediterranean is not a nation unto her own, although, honestly, at times it feels like she is.

Like life elsewhere in the world there are pros and cons to life, and living in Italy is no exception. I’m not here to talk about the cons … I’m here to tell you about my top 5 things I love about Italy.

Top 5 Things I Love About Living in Italy 

  1. The sun shines on average 300 days a year (in Sardinia)! I come from a place where the sun doesn’t shine for months, a place with winters so barren and cold that you forget the sun even exists! From an early age I developed a taste for hot warm climates and ventured all over the world in search of those golden rays.
  2. Summer lasts for six, sometimes eight months a year! In Canada it’s winter that lasts for these long months! I need the sun, I crave the sun and living in Italy has given me the glorious opportunity to bask in the sun for most of the year.
  3. The Food. It’s been said before and I’m going to say it again – Italian food is the best, no, it’s the bee’s knees, buonissimo!  The locally grown produce is out of this world! The fruit and vegetables taste how they should taste. Centuries of recipes have been handed down, generation after generation, leaving a lasting impression on your palate. Italy is place where Nutella is a daily occurrence, not just a treat. It doesn’t get better than that!
  4. The landscape. From the rolling waves that crash on the 1849km of Sardinian coastline to the stunning inlets, bays, beaches, mountain tops and crevices. Italy will leave you breathless; without words. It’s historically and culturally captivating.
  5. There is SO much fun to be had! The list is endless: kayaking, rock-climbing, surfing, horseback riding, sailing, skiing, hiking, cycling, windsurfing, diving … Italy is an adventure seekers paradise! But that’s not all: history walks in Rome, shopping in Milan, gondola rides in Venice, famous art galleries, rural farm stays in central Sardinia and really so much more!

I love and miss my home and native land (Canada) but have always felt a pull to go, live and explore overseas. I remember grade 6 geography class; the teacher referring to Italy as the boot and knowing at some point in my life I would live there, in the boot. It’s strange to think back to the small me at the uncomfortable wooden desk and believing that a moment like that could exist, albeit thirty years into my future.

Believe in dreams. Just do it.

*Post first published on An Italophile.

24 thoughts on “Top 5 Things I Love About Living in Italy

  1. I love that you included so many outdoors activities. Most Italy reviews are all about medieval towns and glorious museums (which I also love and are truly awesome), but as someone who love to hike forests and ride horses over the rolling hills, it’s great to read about the nature aspect.

  2. Love your enthusiasm!!! 😀 I agree even though in the north the sun is not shining THAT much ;). And must admit that even though a lot of the times I love to live here there are also times that I get frustrated in Italy…not sure if I’m the only one…

  3. I love Europe in general it has an energy that is hard to explain, but I feel its pull. I always wanted to travel and when I got to Europe I always want to go back. Never tire of it… our dream is to retire (or even stay for a few months) in Italy, Spain or France. Without dreams life would be too boring right? People can take away a lot, but never your dreams.

  4. Oh how I want to be an expat living somewhere in Italy. I’ve been fascinated with all things Italia since I was a little girl. I visited Italy, once, on my honeymoon. How do I become an expat in Italy?! LOL

  5. Thank you Jennifer for writing this post. I’m so happy you took part in my expat series 🙂 So true that life is never boring when you change countries.

  6. Okydoky Mother Goose!!!

    Ahhh…. from one child of the world to another… lovely post!!!

  7. It is so good to read stories about people who’ve decided to settle in another country and fall in love with the place. I’ve been to Italy (not Sardinia) a number of times and am not at all surprised you love living there. As a serial expat I’ve lived in a lot of countries, but never to “settle.” I’m looking forward to doing that. Maybe Italy, maybe France.

  8. Fantastic post!! And couldn’t agree more as I sit here enjoying my morning cappuccino in Montalcino… Thanks for sharing!

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