Sardinian Summer Dreams

While temperatures dip to an all time unseasonably low, I continue to dream about better things.

How is summer shaping up in your area?

20 thoughts on “Sardinian Summer Dreams

  1. There has been rain, floods in Wales, and cooler temperatures all around. So I guess the norm for us here in the UK. I go to Prague next week for a few days and the temp there looks amazing. So here is hoping their weather stays consistent.

    • Thank you! I remember awhile back someone pointed out that the majority of beach photos are taken to the right of the beach. Then I remembered I had this photo … to the left. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  2. Beautiful photo. It’s been raining in the South of France for almost three months straight!! Such a pain and such a shame. What a waste of beach time! By the way, I went to Italy recently and got to practice a bit of my Italian (which I haven’t spoken for about 3 years). I was surprised to discover that I understood the large majority of what was being said, so I think I may take up lessons again 🙂

  3. Forecast highs 100 degrees+ for the foreseeable future, night time 70 degrees +/- . Swimming every afternoon. Loving life here in Didim, Turkey.

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