Sardinian Sunny Beach Daze | A Photo Gallery

Yesterday was the first time we hit the beach this year. It was a perfect hot day for the beach but the water is still cold and only the brave dare enter.

Where do you get your beach on?

12 thoughts on “Sardinian Sunny Beach Daze | A Photo Gallery

    • Thanks Nicole. My Aunt hooked up with cool bikinis when I went back to Canada this past December. It’s finally getting there this year, warmer, just slightly each day!

  1. We love the beach no matter where it is…
    Growing up we went to a fresh water lake in Nova Scotia and the sand was orangish larger grains of sand… the water looked like orange Kool-aide… that was cool!

  2. Brigantine, New Jersey. Philadelphians go to the beach in South Jersey. We call it going “down tha’ shore”. All sorts of things have given New Jersey beaches a bad rap, but they are wide and have soft sand.

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