Life Before The Internet | Remembering Youth

Life before the internet was, well, freedom. In nineteen seventy-nine email didn’t exist. If you wanted to email someone you had to put pen to paper. So Old-Skool. Imagine. There was that pen pal in Italy who sent strange gifts of potent liquid lavender and small dried pieces of bread shaped like a boot. The writing stopped after the lavender incident, Mom said it was just weird.

Life took place outdoors: in the parks, backyards, country-sides, arenas, dance-halls, soccer fields, recital halls, Great Lakes, Thousand Islands, East Coasts and sunshine states. Library cases filled with encyclopedias, Italian romance novels, war stories, gigantic coffee table books on Australia, ancient recipes and Dr. Seuss.

Life Before the Internet

There was no Hotmail, email, yahoo, google, or StumbleUpon and apples were something that came from a tree. A twit was something my mother would say if I’d done something silly, a tweet came from my grandmothers canary and a Twitter was someone who fidgeted too much.

Life Before The Internet

Blogging was hand written in tiny journals with golden keys and locks. Surfing was something they did in Australia and Hawaii with big boards, in the ocean. Bookmarks were pieces of artfully decorated paper to hold your place in the old-fashioned books. Kindle was gathered for the fire and in the Amazon jungle there began the deforestation of natural beauty. Is this where the problems began? Is this where society as a whole fell apart and became robotic-like in the technologic world? How has the internet affected you?

How do you remember life before the internet?

13 thoughts on “Life Before The Internet | Remembering Youth

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  2. I remember a telephone when the operator said “Number please. thank you”. When we sat down to dinner at night, no TV to distract us, no texting, no Iphones. We did our homework without facebook, email, twitter etc. and on Sunday nights listened to Bob Hope on the radio. What did we do, we read every book we could lay our hands on, played outside and we were not anti social, we talked on the telephone.

  3. We read books! We talked to people on the phone rather than IM them! We actually watched TV on the…… well, the TV, rather than the PC!

    Great post and great pics!

  4. Love the photos, brings many memories to mind, great article too. It’s funny how time changes us without us realizing – and now we wonder how we could ever get by without the internet!

  5. I LOVE the photos. “Professional vet” is my favorite. (Obviously.)

    I remember life before the internet. I didn’t have dates then. Now I have bad dates. Progress?

  6. What a great blast from the past, Jenny. I love these pics and your captions for them. Keep up the good work on the blog, I also liked looking and identifying the locations,

  7. When i was young 🙂 if i wanted to contact a friend i walked to his house, telephone, tv, no way could not afford them.

    Kids are so lazy now, they want to speak to a friend 5 doors away they text or phone, no wonder they are so fat.

  8. ahh.. I was a kid in the 90s and I remember having a lot of time thinking about specific things for very long periods of time (I think focus is the word). I was the storyteller/party-planner among the kids in the neighborhood and I’d make up stories to play pretend with, making tents with blankets, sailing the bed ship and “drowning” in the floor only to be saved by the mermaids. hehehe… ah yes I do miss uninterrupted daydreaming ❤

  9. I miss those days – in that I mean the innocence of them – with the changes we see today I often feel like that is the one important thing it all cost us.

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