All Souls Day | The Day of the Dead

November 2nd is All Souls Day in Italy. A day where families commemorate the faithful departed. Relatives clean up the graves, bring fresh new flowers and pray that their loved ones souls reach heaven.

All Souls Day

All Souls Day is not a national holiday however it feels like one. The only movement within town is the line of cars heading to the cemetery. The shops are open but no one is buying anything.

Sardinian Soul Wall

All Souls Day which is also known around the world as the Day of the Dead is a quiet day in this town. The horses don’t run, the cows don’t moo the only movement is the steady traffic headed to the cemetery. Widows dressed in black the only colour being the fresh store-bought bouquets.

Sardinian Cemetery

2 thoughts on “All Souls Day | The Day of the Dead

    • From my understanding yesterday was a national holiday being All Saints Day. Here everything was closed. Today which is All Souls Day everything is open for business. I’m not sure about the bus schedules here as I have never taken them. 😉 It seems that commune‘s make the final decision to open or not to open.

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