Vintage Halloween Circa 1980’s

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Jennifer Avventura.

12 thoughts on “Vintage Halloween Circa 1980’s

  1. There is a bit of a Halloween thing happening here in Bagni di Lucca tonight and I believe there is a procession across the Devil’s Bridge at midnight, which would be fun to see.
    Cute photo.

    • Ciao Jackie,
      If I were living in Canada there would be a photo from today. However living in Italy this is one celebration they do not celebrate. I’ve thought many times how I would like to carve a pumpkin and put it in our window … but … I’m sure the town ppl would like I’m a witch, then I’d be even more of an outcast.

  2. He he he – I’m probably one of the few WordPress people NOT making a Halloween post! How it even got to Australia is beyond me!

    You look incredibly cute though!

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