Therefore I Am a Writer | 100th post

At least the title is there. I mean, I have that right? It may not be good, but I’m trying to improve. Trust me, really. I have a copy of Problogger by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett sitting right beside me. I’m on page seventy-five. It’s a decent book for the beginning blogger. (But I’m not a doctor, nor scientist, not even a degree holding hippie.

Today marks my hundredth post here on WordPress. My hundredth written material that I have published to the masses in cyberspace. A hundredth post that at first I thought would never happen. I’ve always loved to write and I’ve always loved to travel. The latter more so than the first. In high school when we were given essay assignments, for me it was like pulling teeth, or being forced to clean both bathrooms one week, or cutting the grass and even dusting. I would have rather dusted my Mother’s eighteen billion nick knacks than write an essay.

But that was then, and this is now. And no one is making me write. I write because it’s an outlet. I write because the voices in my head tell me to. I write because I have an adventure to tell and photos to share. But most of all,  I write because I am a writer, therefore I am.

With that said. I would like to write about some of the search engine terms people have entered into Google, which then led them/you to My Sardinian Life | La Mia Vita Sarda. Consider it as a gift, from me to you. Thank you.

Most Popular & Outrageous Search Engine Terms by Jennifer Avventura

  1. Coming in at a groundbreaking number one is “Sardinia.” Sixty-nine of you entered in the English name of this lovely island. And you probably hit one of these following posts in La Mia Vita Sarda. I have fifty-eight posts written and listed in this category. Click it. Take an adventure.
  2. Forty-one of you are super curious where the heck Sardinia is, and entered in “sardinia map.” It’s good to know that you forty-one are getting your geography on. If you’re still wondering where Sardinia is click here, and Welcome to My Sardegna.
  3. And now the numbers drop My Sardinian Life is not popular. On average I get about fifty hits a day and I’ve blogged for ten months! Patience is a virtue. Fourteen of you searched for “pizza patatosa.” Which is a French Fry Pizza. Hey, it’s a delicacy here. The kids go wild for it. I think it’s rather repulsive, sorry but potatoes and pizza don’t mix. I’ll do you all a favour and just add a photo of pizza patatosa, see for yourself. Yummy or no?

    Pizza Patatosa – French Fry Pizza

    4. A whole whack of you searched for any of the following combinations: “System error, sheep system error, sardegna t-shirt, sardegna system error, sheep error, t-shirt system error,” etc. And by a whack of you I mean a total of people in the hundreds entered in the above combinations. Now, it doesn’t comfort me that hundreds of you think there is an error in Sardegna or an error with Sardinia’s sheep, what’s with that? And this is what you found:

    System Error Sardegna

    5. About ten times the search engines have brought me the term: “jenny avventura, or jennifer avventura, or avventura on wordpres” (yes they forgot the last s.) And for this I would like to thank my Mom, who obviously thinks I’m über famous. Thanks Mom. Here is a beautiful poem I wrote for you a few years ago. (Yes, I sent it to her. She has it on her wall in her office, or house, maybe it’s in the laundry room or bathroom, point is, I sent it.)

    6. And now for a truly, truly outrageous search engine term: “how do I know when my pig is ready for slaughter.” And you found this: Feasting Sardinian Style. Oh man! I do live in the mountains where the main industry is farming, pig farming, sheep farming, oh yes. Shepherd’s still exist. Some even use an ox pulled cart! But I don’t slaughter animals, I only eat them. I am a meat-eater therefore I am.

    7. Several of you entered in any one of the following combinations: “sono canadese, Io sono canadese, two canadians do-do-do-do,” Which translates into: I am Canadian, I am Canadian and two Canadians do-do-do-do. I fully understand the first two search engine terms. Hey, I’m a super proud Canadian to. I even have our national anthem written out and posted on My Sardinian Life | La Mia Vita Sarda. But the last two Canadians and their do-do-do-do’s, what are you doing up there in the great big strong north? Drop me an email, I’m totally curious, eh.

    8. Just this week one of you, or maybe two of you entered into the search engines: “skin hanging off my nose,” and “i wished my warts away.” It’s good to know that I’m not the only freak of nature who at one point had skin hanging off my nose, and was told by my doctors (after several attempts at burning the wart off) to just wish it away. I was ten-ish and I wished upon the stars. Guess what? The skin hanging off my nose, was gone within a few days. Seriously. All because I wished my warts away. I’m happy my article Purple Stew can help you, yes you.

    9. Three of you entered into Google: “turriga history.” Which is super awesome because Turriga is one kick ass wine! It’s produced in Sardegna with the finest Cannanou grapes. Drink it, I mean click it or both. Just do it.

    10. Last but not least the one search engine term that tickles my fancy is: “cashew man.” Five of you nut lovers searched for cashew man and were lucky enough to have found this lovely cashew man I met in Brazil.

    Cashew Man. Cabo Frio, Brazil.

    So it seems my 100th post has just gone over one thousand words. I hoped I haven’t bored you all to death.

    Lucky be, be the lucky girl who can blog as fine as she. But would Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett agree?

    I write because I am a writer, therefore I am.

19 thoughts on “Therefore I Am a Writer | 100th post

  1. Congratulations on reaching this milestone!
    I’ve just made it, too, but my articles are much shorter than yours. I’d feel like a cheat, except that I’ve also published some books.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. This is an excellent post! I have never done a search on my search terms yet am so curious now to see what people are searching and how they come across my blog. Hilarious, especially the cashew man and the pig! Congrats on 100 posts. I’m like you. Love to travel, have always kept a journal. Now I just keep writing because I love it. So continue on…I really enjoy reading your posts!

  3. Congrats on making it to your 100th post. That is definitely something worth shouting about. I felt a frisson of excitement when I reached mine. I now have a quiet chuckle to myself whenever I reach a landmark, like 200th post, or my second year, etc. Long may you continue.

    Team Oyeniyi: don’t ask about Nigerian women with big bombom for goodness sake… you may find out!

  4. Congratulations, Jennifer. I always find your posts interesting because you make your home sound and look so intriguing.

    Yes, the search terms can be intriguing, can’t they? I liked this one on my site yesterday:

    “pictures of nigerian women with big bombom”

    I have to ask J what a “bombom” is!

  5. Number 6 is the funniest for me. How exactly DO you know when your pig is ready for slaughter? (And, by the way, “slaughter” is such a harsh sounding word, don’t you think?)

    I’m new to your blog but enjoying it immensely. Congrats on your 100th post!


  6. Yeah for 100 posts! That # has kind of come and gone for me….I didn’t really realize it. I think I’m at 267 or something now. But when you post every day you don’t really keep track. Sept. 29 will mark just over 9 months blogging for me and I don’t think I get 50 hits/day! I would totally try that pizza – at least once. I love pizza and I love fries, lol. Did I know you were from Canada? I can’t remember. I’m Canadian too! Woohoo!

    Congrats and here’s to funny searches!

  7. Love it! Really interesting to see what searches land people on your blog. I’m always intrigued with some of the searches that bring them to mine. Great idea for a post! Congrats!

  8. Congrats on this being your 100th post.
    No you didnt bore me to death. I found the search engine results cool.
    Nice to know why you write too. I know everyone has a story, but most dont share why they enjoy writing and want to make a blog. Really nice post.


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