Lillie’s Bordello | Dublin, Ireland

I had an Irish-born boyfriend once, who came to Canada to open an Irish pub. I was the bartender and, he was the general manager, we fell in love. He had a friend in Dublin and I loved to travel, so I packed my bags and headed for the little green island. He stayed back in Canada slinging Guinness. I stayed with his friend Vanessa and she lived two blocks from the city centre of Dublin. She liked to party, it was nineteen ninety-nine after all, and so did I. She had friends in every bar, nook and cranny along the cobblestoned streets of Dublin. She had a friend who was a bouncer at Dublin’s most prestigious nightclub Lillie’s Bordello. And that my readers, is how I got my foot in the door at one of the worlds most exclusive nightclubs.

Lillie’s Bordello located on Grafton Street in the city centre of Dublin. Lillie’s epitomizes style, luxury and comfort. Rich decor, mood lighting, personal attendants in restrooms, lavish colours and rock stars. The membership fees reflect the secret society hidden behind Lillie’s doors. Doors open at Lillie’s Bordello at 11pm and stay open until the early morning hours, seven days a week.

The Privilege of Gold membership includes: reserved tables in members bar, bring one guest free of charge to the club, invitations to Dublin’s insider nightclub events, up-coming events sent to your inbox, choose from an extensive champagne and wine list. 1000 Euro or 42 Euro a month.

The Privilege of Platinum membership includes: access to The Library (a smaller room with personal host, bar and table service) on Friday & Saturday, invite five friends free of charge to the club, escorted through the members entrance upon arrival and departure, choose from an extensive champagne and wine list, all premium vodka and gin list, ability to reserve tables. 3000 Euro or 85 Euro a month.

Lillie’s Bordello, priceless. Unless you can afford it.

You’d never guess who these brown eyes saw that night in Lillie’s, nor will they ever forget. (And now I’m six degrees to stardom.) My jaw hit the floor and my Irish friend punched me in the arm. She told me behaviour like an awe-struck fan would get us kicked straight out of the club. I downed my vodka and headed to the ladies room. And what a surprise I found. An elderly woman (happier then one would expect for a restroom attendant) greeting me on arrival. She opened the restroom door as she handed me some personal towels to use privately, in the wooden stall. She tapped lightly and asked if I was finished. Indeed I was. She opened the door and flushed for me. Um, yeah! On the counter-tops in front of full-length mirrors was an entire stock of every cosmetic, perfume, hairspray, mouth-spray, condoms, candy and mini-bottles of vodka. I took nothing. Only my memories, and a decent hangover.

9 thoughts on “Lillie’s Bordello | Dublin, Ireland

  1. Would love to visit Ireland, you make it sound interesting and fun. Would also love to see who those brown eyes saw

  2. LOL!!! Cheeky. Did you google his hair? I know I would. I mean to have hair that stands on end like that… gosh I hate anyone who has poofy hair. Or that can have poofy hair.

    Sounds lovely!!!! The Emerald Isle is on my travel list. I will be there someday!!!!

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