An Evening of Reggae – TRAIN TO ROOTS

The Original Sardinian Roots RockersTRAIN TO ROOTS established themselves in 2004 and have played large festivals all over Sardegna, Germany, Spain and Italy. Their live performances are exhilarating and heart pounding, their strength comes from their underlying knowledge and belief in reggae music and it’s culture. They live, breath and entertain like the big reggae names that have come before them. TRAIN TO ROOTS are a must for every reggae fans playlist. If you can catch them in concert, even better.

Train To Roots

TRAIN TO ROOTS Concert Listings For June in Sardegna.

Please click here for full concert listings for TRAIN TO ROOTS.

Train To Roots & Mellow Mood Concert Poster

If you find yourself in Sardegna this summer and looking for some home-grown talent, I suggest checking out these boys. They will not disappoint. I promise.

One Love.

8 thoughts on “An Evening of Reggae – TRAIN TO ROOTS

  1. Wow – I’ve just realised I hadn’t realised you had popped a sticly post at the top! I had visited and not noticed the new posts underneath! Duh at me! I like the new look – very nice!

  2. I love your new format! It looks so professional and very catchy! I definitely need some help when it comes to the appearance of my blog. Great job! 🙂

  3. Am a huge Bob Marley fan, like you from the time I was a teen! Shall check out this band on you tube since coming to Sardegna seems tough at the moment! Agree with Woman (on top!!), the new look is lovely, clean and uncluttered 🙂

  4. Ohhh I like the changes!!! They make your blog look shiny new!!!!!!!!!! Pretty!!! I have never been into reggae or Bob Marley, but I have been introduced to some of Mister Marley’s which I find to be a curiously unique sound. So I’ll check this man out while I still have Tube of You!

    • Ciao Woman,
      Thanks for the comment and liking my shiny new blog! I started listening to Bob Marley eons ago, I love the laid back vibe and messages he sings about. Trains To Roots are really a brilliant group. I hope you find something on youtube.

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