Finding the Simple in Sardinia, Italy

It’s the simple stuff that I’ve found in Sardinia that brings me the most peace. Take for example this dirt path to the sea, with colours so vivid it seems quite like the set of a Hollywood film. It’s the simple stuff in Sardinia where I love to get lost, because our senses become so alive that our brain goes into overdrive trying to decipher the beauty before our eyes.


A trodden path from ancient pasts show us the way to the shining emerald sea. It glistens with the peaceful afternoon sun, and a wave so delicate that it barely makes a ripple.

Tell me about a time, when you were in Sardinia and found something so simply beautiful.

9 thoughts on “Finding the Simple in Sardinia, Italy

  1. Sardinia gets us every time Jennifer, we’ve been going for the last 9 years and loved it so much we got married there in 2014 (Hotel Valkarana, Sant Antonio Di Gallura). Every time we go, we find a new cove or beach or scenic view. Last years suprise was Buggeru in the SW, blue seas and warm waters you could swim all day in

    • Oh my! You choose one of the most romantic places to get married! That must have been beautiful. I agree, every time we turn a corner, the beauty is such a surprise. I haven’t been to Buggeru, yet, but Ill add it to my growing list. Wishing you a happy Sunday.

  2. Jennifer
    I forgot to list the name, oops, Vasca termale dentro un ovile on SP86 towards Benetutti. So excited to share and left out the most important information!
    Rosemarie Kleinberg

    • Rosemarie,

      It sounds so tranquil and colourful. I haven’t been there, only driven past. I’ll make sure to stop next time. You are so kind! Thank you for supporting my new little business venture. Wow. I’m humbled. Thank you. I wish you a healthy and happy Spring.

      • Jennifer

        It is really natural in that area, lots of cows and other small animals in the area to see. Building very old and the small spa is just amazing. Simple yet so enchanting! You are so welcome, it is off to a great start and I know it will do you well! Have a beautiful week, stay safe and May God Bless.
        Rosemarie Kleinberg

  3. Hi Jennifer
    Hope you are well, I already ordered several items form your newest site! Looks great! Here is something that my cousins showed us when we visited last year. It is in Benetutti. Simple and so very beautiful. You must walk a bit following a path entry as you pass the old hotel (no longer in use). There is also a very ancient church across the road on the other side. Just amazing! Stay safe, have fun and a beautiful weekend. May God Bless.

    Love & hugs,
    Rosemarie Kleinberg

  4. Or prehaps the wild peony’s in flower at the moment extinct in most parts of the west world I go to see them each year in a secret place, Sardinia is full of secrets.

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