Playing Under the Sea at Palau

Last year, I was given a super-duper under water camera, and I’ve had a ton of fun playing under the sea at Palau, Sardinia, Italy. Sometimes there’s nothing to capture but turquoise water, waves, and wet luscious sand, but that doesn’t deter me from enjoying the many faucets of this new camera.

Other times, the sea is teeming with colourful fish, sometimes dolphins albeit in the distance and hairy-legged tourists, and it’s generally on those colourful days that I forget my camera at home and walk away only with the memories.

But not today.

After walking away from screaming children and arguing parents, I found my own little private oasis and set up beach shop: umbrella, towel, sweaty bottle of water and my study book on how to drive in Italy. It was finally time to jump in the refreshing sea to cool off from the 40c heat we’ve had when I noticed the medusa – jellyfish. My heart skipped a beat, okay maybe two, and my legs turned to jello as I was seconds from belly flopping on this pinkish slimy Medusa that would no doubt cause severe pain. I jumped back and quickly grabbed my camera, I mean, who in their right mind grabs a camera to photograph one of the worlds most poisonous species? I do.

Luckily, as a passerby came around, I mentioned the jellyfish to him and he told me it was already dead and is not poisonous at that point. Whether that’s true or not, I’m still not taking any chances and didn’t even take a refreshing swim.

Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish?

11 thoughts on “Playing Under the Sea at Palau

  1. Ciao Jennifer

    What a shot of the medusa, I would have done the same as you, run away fast, dead or not. Years ago when I grew up in Connecticut, we lived across from a beach that was private to all of us in the neighborhood, I went in the water and was unaware of jelly fish and was stung pretty badly, had to go to the emergency for care. They are interesting to watch from afar! Beautiful beach! Always enjoy your photos and writings! Have a beautiful day and Summer, May God Bless!

    Love & hugs,
    The Sard/American

    • Ciao Rosemarie,

      Oh my, I could not imagine the pain of being stung by a jelly fish and I’m sorry it happened to you. My husband was also stung many years ago, he still has some scars to show from it. Like you said, they are interesting and beautiful to watch from afar, but I’m not getting close to those things. Wishing you all the best. 🙂

      • Get better, now you are aware of what to look out for! Have a beautiful day!

  2. We recently returned home from three wonderful weeks in Sardinia. Unfortunately, the water at the beautiful beaches was still a bit cold for us people from hot Arizona. We did, however, enjoy so much of this amazing island. In fact, we drove 1800+ miles and covered all ends N,S,W & E. The decision is…We’d love to return for another trip!

  3. Yep! And it wasn’t fun! I didn’t realize it until I was out of the water, and I had tentacle marks around my wrist. The little bugger was wrapped around my wrist and I didn’t even know! Stung like hell, but I still those little creatures are beautiful 😉

    • Oh my gosh! And you didn’t even know. Yikes! So, does the pain isn’t initial? Was it here in Sardinia? I’m terrified of them. Did you have to go to the hospital, what was the first thing you did when you realized you had a jellyfish wrapped around your wrist? Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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