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Hand-crafted silver bladed knives, in every size from the heart of SardiniaMamoiada.

Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life 2014 Mamoiada

Upon further investigation I have found that Opinel knives originate from France. Can anyone of my followers confirm this? A few months ago I made the voyage to Mamoiada and noticed this display outside a shop window. The three knives under the Opinels look like they were made in Sardinia. My husband has a small collection and they resemble these.

This is my response to the Weekly Travel Theme: Silver.

12 thoughts on “Travel theme: Silver

  1. I love opinel knives. Yes they come from Savoie the French Alps. I bought mine there and ordered more for a gift from my husband. The ones I have say Made in Savoie. 🙂

  2. Ciao Jennifer.

    If you want to know more about traditional Sardinian knives, go to Pattada, and look for Piero Fogarizzu. The Fogarizzu is one of the oldest knife makers family in the village. Piero is a great maker, and a very nice guy. Always very busy doing all the knives with his hands. Like all of his cousins 🙂

    When years ago I went to his place for buying a knife, in an hour he told me all the story of the knife industry in the village. He explained me also how some makers desire to make money easily, has in practice ruined their possibility to protect the “pattadese”. And more more stories.

    Saluti, Nicola

  3. Hi Jennifer

    Very interesting knives, I wonder why, with Sardegna having their own, that this particular brand from France, would be so popular. This sounds like a great investigation, maybe a shop owner who sells them may be able to shed some light on why? Have fun with this one, maybe someone who reads this may shed some light on it! I am very curious now! Have a great day!

    The Sard/American

  4. As you probably know, Pattada is the place which is most respected for their knives…I checked the new book of Banco di Sardegna which covers all things metal (title “Metalli” and while there are photos and many pages on all sorts of sardegnian knives there were no mentions of the Opinel knives. The antique ones are incredibly detailed and really are museum pieces. I always wanted one, but I would be too worried about leaving it somewhere! So who knows if they are French, they may be.

    • Thanks Janice. I did Google Opinel knives and I found that they are from France – which was shocking to find in the center of Sardinia … knowing that Pattada is the maker of fine Sardinian knives.

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