Travel Theme: Short

The travel theme this week is short, and it finally gives me the opportunity to show off these cute, little dolls wearing traditional costume’s from the heart of Sardinia.

And here’s a short door so the cat can get through.

Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life (9)

I found this adorable, paper kitten mewing at the bottom of the door to an old bakery in Tonara, Sardinia and thought it was super cute that someone took the time to tape his little face into the hole, so I just had to take its picture.

This is my response to the weekly Travel Theme.

28 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Short

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  4. I totally understand …. I really wanted to go back to Montreal for the holidays so I could play in the snow but I can’t … hopefully, we’ll have some here 🙂

      • Good idea especially if you’ve never been … Few years back I really enjoyed my visit to Fonni until one of the masked men started chasing me … (but I was told it was good luck so I let him tag me).

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  6. Absolutely adorable, brightens everyone’s day! Great photo! Love it and what a cute way to cove a hole!


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