Travel Theme: The Brown Sardinian Hazelnut

Jennifer Avventura (4)

The hazelnut is just one of the many natural resources that flourish on the farms of Barbagia, in the heart of Sardinia. Every fall, locals busy themselves with the cultivation of the hazel tree, later turning their hazelnuts into delicious honey and creams. There are even entire festivals dedicated to the nuts of Sardinia!

This is my response to the weekly travel theme: brown.

Do you like the colour brown? I detest it but I love hazelnuts.

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18 thoughts on “Travel Theme: The Brown Sardinian Hazelnut

  1. Your initial dread of this challenge, got transformed into a brilliant idea!
    You have lost your right to fear any photo challenge. Hahaha.
    Great subject, and yes, I too am a sucker for nutella, so kudos to you!

  2. Brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin (hopefully in the summer) got to like them, and nuts who wouldn’t like them especially hazelnuts – in the UK they are in Topic chocolate bars, and I could actually live on them – so bring on the nuts love them

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  5. OMG I would totally go to a nut festival? I am more on board w that than a honey fair šŸ™‚

    PS – how cold is it Nov thru Feb?

    • They are pretty fun, lots of food, wine and of course nuts! The honey made in Sardinia is the best honey I have ever tasted, it works miracles on a bad cough too! šŸ™‚

      Nov thru Feb sees a lot of rain and grey skies. There are pockets of blue which last just a few days. Wanna come over?

      • hahaha I just might. I am the least vacationing person in my department, bc I am still not used to having 5 weeks off instead of the American 2.

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