Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated in Sardinia

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated in Sardinia

Some of the amazing edible bites along the way to Tinnari, my favourite place in the world.

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Does anyone know what type of fruit this is? I only know the name in dialect.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated in Sardinia

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  2. Not knowing what a corbezzolo is, what type of fruit is this. It is amazing looking and quite interesting! What is the texture and what does it taste like! Is it an autumn or summer fruit? Reminds me of a strawberry! Please let us know, now I am really curious! Have a beautiful day!

  3. They look like they would be extra tasty – we had our first prickly pear fruit last week in Sardinia, loved them, and brought some home to give to our family as they would never get one at home

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