Sardinia – the place I call home

I suppose, I should let you in on my little secret. It’s only been a secret since last Wednesday and since then I’ve slept, a lot, not even realizing this secret.

So here it is …

After six months away from the best island in the world, I have returned to the place my soul calls home. I have returned to nature, mountains, pecorino, local honey and Cannonau! I have returned to the only place where peace envelopes me.

I have returned to Sardinia! EJA!

How do you feel returning home after months away?

27 thoughts on “Sardinia – the place I call home

  1. Welcome Back! I was away a couple of months ago and I couldn’t believe the comforting feeling I had when I walked inside my apartment… this is My Home away from Home

  2. Welcome back Jen ! I am willing to make good on this promise to show you where the natural swimming cascade is in Pergugas . Let me know if you have some time and I’ll send you a personnal mail via FB ! Take care ….

  3. Jennifer
    Congratulations! My soul agrees with you so! When we went to Anela, where my father was born and raised, as I got out of the car the first day there, I told my husband that I felt as if my soul came home! I love it! So happy you are back! May God Bless!

    Rosemarie The Sard/American

  4. I miss a lot of the home comforts while away. Right now I am missing my husband who had to go back. We know next year is our last in China and he is trying to get things sorted back home so we have jobs and a place to call home when we return.

      • I bet… I am counting the days ’til I am home. We may be apart for all of next year, which I can’t even think about. It may be the only way so we can get re-established back home though 😦
        Glad you are back.

      • Yes we are hoping he can come back and forth a few times for each school holiday, but that is so expensive… and a new job may not allow that. We’ll see… he may come back after the summer.

  5. Thank you so much for taking the time
    to post your experiences. I look forward
    to everyone. I am so glad you
    have returned and I look forward to
    moving there someday. Thank you
    Mary Eakin

  6. Know how that feels! Several months, sometimes years, but over twenty years, this place, this island, has consistently drawn me back and though I’m packed and ready to go ‘home’ settle down, still I’m here, having a difficult time letting go! 🙂

  7. I left Canada at age 23. 40 years, many travels, several homes, several countries later – it’s still the place I get homesick for.

  8. Welcome home Jennifer. I feel the same way about Rome. This summer we’ll go back to the States for a wedding and to be with friends and though I look forward to this, I know
    I’ll feel the pull to return. Italy has us on a short leash.

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