Nuraghe Izzana

Nuraghe Izzana located in Aggius, near the stunning Valle della Luna. Izzana is probably the largest nuraghe in Sardinia.

Nuraghe Izzana situato a Aggius, vicino allo splendido Valle della Luna. Izzana è probabilmente il più grande nuraghe in Sardegna.

The Nuraghic Society consisted of builders, shepherds, farmers, and fishermen. The use of nuraghe remains a mystery, but some believe these beehive structures were once used as religious temples, rulers’ residences, military strongholds, town meeting halls and housing for shepherds and their families.

La società nuragica era costituito da costruttori, pastori, agricoltori e pescatori. L’uso di nuraghe rimane un mistero, ma alcuni credono queste strutture alveare una volta erano utilizzati come templi religiosi, residenze governanti, fortezze militari, sale meeting città e gli alloggi per i pastori e le loro famiglie.

Nuraghe are typically located in a panoramic area and most are found in the northwest and south-central part of Sardinia. There are two types of nuraghe: tholos (domed shaped tomb or building) & corridor nuraghe. Most Nuraghe were built entirely of basalt, with no foundations to support these masterpieces but the weight of their stone.

Nuraghe si trovano di solito in una zona panoramica e la maggior parte si trovano nella parte nord-ovest e centro-meridionale della Sardegna. Ci sono due tipi di nuraghe: a tholos (cupola a forma di tomba o un edificio) e nuraghe corridoio. La maggior parte sono stati Nuraghe costruito interamente in basalto, senza fondamenta per sostenere questi capolavori, ma il peso della loro pietra.

Questo articolo e per un amico a Sassari. Hai visto? Ho scritto in italiano.

Have you seen a Nuraghe? Where? Hai visto un nuraghe? Dove?

19 thoughts on “Nuraghe Izzana

  1. I think Orrioli and Barumini are a lot larger, but even the smaller ones are mysterious and fascinating. I have seen at least 100 of them, but I feel like I have only seen a fraction of what exists. I only wish that there were guides who could communicate better in English-even though I speak fair Italian, I would like to understand the minute details rather than reading them. Just about all Sardinian villages have a nuraghe or 2 in one stage of ruin or another outside the village, and these are really fun to encounter on a walk.

    • Ciao Janice,

      I’ve not seen those nuraghe in Orrioli and Barumini – I found that stat on the internet, maybe it’s the largest intact nuraghe? I agree with you that they are mysterious and fascinating and I would like to add a new more to my list! 🙂

      • Get in touch with me if you are ever down there-i will be there permanently by the end of april and Barumini is only 7 km from me-orrioli is about 20 min.

  2. Reading the word “tholos” transported me back to college, where I studied Anthropology because that was the best degree for one who’d made it to her senior year without finding a major. I think I’d have been more engaged with my major and its classes if more of the readings were like this.

  3. Sommessamente ti faccio notare che il Nuraghe Izzana è ritenuto dagli archeologi – solamente –
    il più grande della Gallura, non della Sardegna. Apprezzo, comunque, il tuo lavoro sui Nuraghe e, specialmente, per l’ottima traduzione in italiano.

  4. visited a couple of nuraghe when I was on holiday in Sardegna. Don’t remember where exactly but they are amazing structures! every visitor to Sardegna should go see them! 🙂

  5. We visited one on our way to Anela, there was a small very old church on the same grounds. It was so fascinating, we went inside and climbed the stairs just amazing! The church next to it was still in use!

  6. I excavated at a nuraghe inland from Bosa in 2006…it had long been altered and used by generations of shepherds…still, fascinating and mysterious structures. We did notice that from the high point where we were digging, we could see several other nuraghi on distant hilltops…maybe they were always put close enough to signal/communicate with one another?

  7. For us sardinian people the Nuraghe is like an ancient foundation. We feel it like it is built deep inside us. Unfortunately a lot of them are left in ruin, we should take much more care of them!

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