September Summer Daze

I’m busy playing tour guide with visiting friends from the mainland. This afternoon we hit the beach, and what a wonderful beach it is. We hiked 250 meters down a mountain to reach this stunning stretch of coast. This secret beach is accessible by foot or boat; I like to call it Bedrock Beach.

What did you do this fabulous Monday?

22 thoughts on “September Summer Daze

  1. Ciao Jennifer
    What a beautiful secret beach, breathtaking! When we visited Sardegna, my cousins took us to a beach for the day, it was just amazing, the color of the water was a blue green and so clear, there were even little fish swimming around our feet at times. There was a bit of a forest before we reached the sand and beach! Amazing! I just love, love you articles, photos, and stories, always so interesting! Keep doing what you do best, your are so talented!

    Your Sard/American Friend.

  2. It’s not only a beautiful and isolated beach… but your photograph is very strong. The figure on the left gives the whole scene a feeling of “discovery.” Nicely done.

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