An Afternoon on Li Feruli | Sardinia, Italy

Li Feruli is a long stretch of stunning coastline with superb views of The Gulf of Asinara and Castlesardo. The shoreline at Li Feruli slopes gently into the warm crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Li Feruli is a twenty-minute walk along the rugged Sardinian coastline from Isola Rossa or by car it’s 2.5km. Driving down a narrow paved road, signs pointing to Li Feruli; parking is limited and now you must walk down a steep cliff, the sand as your path with juniper trees and cork trees set against the blue Mediterranean.

Welcome to Paradise … 

Testing the warm waters from the Bay of Asinara.

How do you spend your time on the beach?

20 thoughts on “An Afternoon on Li Feruli | Sardinia, Italy

  1. Hi my partner and I discovered Li Feruli beach a number of years ago. It was June and not many people using the beach as it is a long way to walk. As naturists we stripped off well away from others and were careful to cover up when any one came close.As the day went on we noticed a few more going for a swim in the buff ,probably around 10 or 12 in total well spread out along the very long stretch of beautiful beach. One would have to walk towards the Baddsi end which is at least 1.5 km away before you would encounter many people.
    We return often and either have the beach to ourselves or the few naturists or topless people along with walkers along the waters edge, maby in July and August there would be a lot more people around and one would have to be more careful.
    We are returning next week and look forward to more naked sunbathing at Li Feruli,hope more will join us in the buff.

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  5. I love the pic where you were in the water…. amazing colour and image.
    On the beach I love to read, swim and listen to those waves… ahhh I’ll be doing that in 1 more day on a Cuban beach with powdery white sands. 🙂

  6. A side question, Jennifer. Do you put the copyright and your name on the photos in Photoshop (or some other program), or in WordPress when you post? I need to start doing this but am now sure how. xoxo, -Nina

    • I use Picasa, it’s a free download. They have wonderful editing tools. Most pics I leave un-edited but for a slight crop here and there. Then I add my copyright and name.

  7. Agreed! The second one is stunning. More and more, I want to come to Sardegna. So many friends here in Umbria go there for holiday…why don’t I???

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