Full Moon Fireworks on Canada Day | By DP Photography

My good friend DP is at it again, if you remember I posted his photos a few weeks ago of the Transit of Venus (he doesn’t disappoint). Last night he spent the night photographing the Canada Day fireworks over Niagara Falls, Canada, and he did a mighty awesome job. These photos  have not been edited by me, I did however add the copyright and his initials. He does deserve the credit. I’m very proud of you DP.

So many Canadians in the streets watching the festivities over one of the most beautiful, natural settings our earth has to offer.

He captured the moon, the falls and the fireworks just brilliantly! DP you deserve a prize!

I’d like to enter this post into the Weekly Photo Challenge that WordPress puts on each week. These photos deserve to be seen. They certainly capture perfectly a fleeting moment.

When I see photos like these, from my hometown I have feelings of nostalgia and utter happiness. I miss these moments. If you look closely in the last photo, you can see a hotel with red lights on the exterior. At one time I worked on the 9th floor of that hotel in a steakhouse restaurant with stunning views of Niagara Falls. Each night during the summer months we were treated to a spectacular display of fire in the sky.

Thank you DP for sharing these photos and giving me the rights to use them on my blog. And thanks for the memories.

How did you celebrate Canada Day? Are you a Canadian expat that celebrated overseas? Tell me about your holiday below.

26 thoughts on “Full Moon Fireworks on Canada Day | By DP Photography

  1. I am an expat and I was on a plane heading home on Canada day. I missed the fireworks, but as you know they do it every Friday and Sunday (or at least they did), so I hope to catch them before heading back. Your friend had an awesome vantage point. A few years ago my friend’s brother in law worked at a hotel and we got to be on a balcony for an amazing view of the fireworks… it is nice to have those connections! So what hotel did you work at? Was it Sheraton or the Casino? Can’t tell from the photo. Falls has really grown the last few years.

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  3. Hi! Great post about the Falls Fireworks. My name is Vanessa and I actually work for the company that have the Fireworks contract in Niagara Falls, Canada. Myself and a crew of two actually set up and I fired this 12 minutes show on Sunday for Canada Day. I absolutely love love LOVE these pictures and would love to ask the photographer permission to use some pictures on my Facebook page, and possibly some more that he may have.
    Thankyou so much in advance!

  4. Thanks for the kind comments, friends. In particular you, Jenny.
    And a big congrats on your FOUR blogger awards last week. Great work.

    For Richard….the settings on my camera for the fireworks were…
    ISO 200
    Exposures at 1 – 1.4 seconds. (A tripod is mandatory for these exposure lengths, and a remote shutter release so I don’t shake the camera).
    Wide angle lense.
    I don’t know if your camera has options like those, but for someone who likes to take pictures, a DSLR camera is a very powerfull tool. Gives you so much control. Getting to know my camera took quite a while, as I have little experience. Just took it for nature walks, camping, birding etc. But most of my experience came from using my DSLR for astrophotography.
    Good luck.

    And wonderful reading your blogs, Jenny. xoxo

  5. I must learn more about night photography. I have the tripod now; all I need are some tips and a lot of practice. Unfortunately during this northern European summer it also requires staying up past my bedtime!

    • Ciao Richard,

      I too must learn more about photography in general. My friend DP has a lot of patience and drive for these photos. I should take some lessons from him.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 😉

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