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Early this morning I took part in Automattic’s Worldwide WordPress 5K run.  The race is set this Sunday – April 29th, 2012. You can post your run/walk or hike anytime between April 23rd – April 29th.

Staying healthy and fit is a concern for all, with Automattic’s WWWP5K anyone, anywhere in the world can join in. Get outdoors, breath and stay focused. Most important … have fun!

Follow me on my 6.2k run though the mountainous terrain of Sardinia, Italy.

Starting point.

I started running when I was a girl and I’ve never stopped. There is something in the freedom of running which makes me feel balanced, healthy, strong and happy. I’m addicted to this freedom and have played with the idea of entering a marathon. It’s a large goal, one I believe I can accomplish. Time and patience will rule this course.

My playlist for the last few months has been the same: Florence + The Machine. I switch between both albums. I love the deep beats and her soft voice. She sings a lot about water, which I am surrounded by, it’s fitting and I’m addicted.

I challenge you all to get out this week and document your own hour to life. It doesn’t need to be a run; you can walk it, hike it, kayak it, swim it … just document it, then write about it on your blog.

7:38am morning shadow. Some of the photos are slightly blurring, but I was running!

I’m almost at my half way point. On clear days you can see the Asinara Islands in the distance.

Half-way point! 3.1K. It’s easy running 3.1K downhill, the real struggle begins when I turn around and run another 3.1K uphill!

Half-way point view! Ahhh …

Going up, a little running video.

This is my favourite run in the area. It’s the most flat area for running around here. Even with the hills and mountains it remains the flattest point to run.

I must stop here and snap this photo for you. It’s my favourite view on this run, the rolling hills are peaceful at this time of morning and I feel at ease. Breathe.

Almost home. Notes of Florence float in my ear and she pushes me on to the finish line.

Just around this corner and I’ll be home. There is no one to greet me at the finish line but a few cows and horses. They look and applaud in their moo-ing and nah-ing ways, I thank them and head for the shower.

It was a slow run this morning, stopping to take photos will do that to a runner. I usually run this 6.2K in 43 minutes. This run has become a great habit for me. I head for the hills every other day, raking in roughly 12K-18K a week! Snap.

I’d like to send a special message out to my almost ten-year old niece: Ciao, beautiful strong girl. I will be rooting for you this weekend as you run your first 5K. Stay strong, stay focused and remember … it’s only a race, so have fun! I love you more than Italian pizza.

How did you get your WWWP5K on?

25 thoughts on “Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5K | My Sardinian Life

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  2. Pingback: Hit the Ground Running | Hunting Season in Sardinia | My Sardinian Life

  3. I loved the video Jen – and the shout out to my daughter. Unlike you, she had the good fortune to run in a race where the water stations included chocolate-covered strawberries and chocolate-covered marshmellows. Mama enjoyed the chocolate martini at the end (make it a double – daughter too young to drink hers!). Good to hear you huffing on the climb back up! Cheers, Little Sister beautiful!

  4. Beautiful country (and photos)! I didn’t know about the Automattic’s Worldwide WordPress 5K Run. Maybe next year for me. Er, you wouldn’t know if they have a handicapping formula, would you? I’m a bit of a couch potato (and sprouting tendrils from the spud eyes to boot) and the only exercise I get is lugging a 25 lb. camera bag around with me everywhere I go. Do you think they’d let me get away with 1 km? Oh yeah, I also get a bit more exercise… I’ve crazy glued a brick to my TV’s remote control!

    All kidding aside, lovely photos!

  5. Wonderful Jennifer! It was so good to hear your voice too! I did a marathon and four half marathons backs in my late twenties. I loved it but was injured for over a year after the marathon thus will never do one again. I don’t regret it one bit. But it is very hard On your body as my husband ran it also and ruIned his knees. Thus a careful balance and decision. If I could do more and know it wouldn’t hurt my body I would in a heartbeat. But f

    • But for now I am sticking with short distance runs hoping I can be like my dad and be running into my seventies. Great Post. I have got to make it to Sardinia someday!

  6. Amazing scenery! Three runners to inspire me, I will begin walking to work next week, weather permitting. Good for you Jennifer

  7. What a lovely place to run! And I love, love, love Florence! I have both cds and listen to them all of the time.

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