How Two Travel Bloggers Met | Bagni di Lucca to Trinita

When I started writing My Sardinian Life I had no set goals in mind. I hadn’t planned that my little blog could bring sunshine to the many colourful pockets in our world. I didn’t expect the positive comments of encouragement. I didn’t really expect anyone to comment at all! These were just my thoughts and daily life in Sardinia, Italy who would be interested in that?

I continued to post, comment and discover other travel blogs. I found new destinations and people, and put them on my bucket list. The list is now, virtually endless.

I am grateful to have met another blogger who has supported my writing pretty much from the start. How the world brought us together, or why, I will probably never know. I’m just happy it did.

Allow me to introduce you to Debra from Bagni di Lucca, Italy via Brisbane, Australia.

Along with her friend Liz, they write a travel information blog on ‘Bagni di Lucca, Brisbane and everything in between‘. They belive Lucca is the ‘loveliest town in Italy‘. I’m totally intrigued and am looking forward to a Bagni di Lucca visit.

Debra first left a comment on my blog on November 6, 2011. It was on a few books I’d been reading at the time: The Dark Heart of Italy and The Italians. Both fantastic reads for a decent understanding into the Italian way of life.

And since then Debra has been a force of positive energy and support. I would log into my WordPress account and see a wonderful comment left by her and I knew in my heart that I was finally doing what I’d always wanted to do, write.

Here’s a few more of the great comments Debra has left:

Blogging is a fantastic way to tell the world what you are thinking. It’s also a wonderful way to meet new and exciting people, to learn from them, and maybe even visit their home destination.

And then she left me this comment:

If I hadn’t started writing My Sardinian Life eighteen months ago, I would not have met this wonderful woman and I would never know about lovely Bagni di Lucca.

Thank you Debra for your continued support. I look forward to the moment when we can meet again.

How do you spread the blog love?

26 thoughts on “How Two Travel Bloggers Met | Bagni di Lucca to Trinita

  1. Jennifer you have done the same for me 🙂 Thank you! I was writing weekly and family and friends mostly read and maybe a few others randomly would stumple upon my musings. Once you nominated me for the ABC award it opened up doors and more people read my blog and now I have FOLLOWERS… it certainly gave me a lift, encouragment and now a sense of pride to keep writing. It has put me into touch with other bloggers who always offer kind words… in a world of negatives and where it always seems when you do something wrong you hear about it, but rarely do you hear about the things you do well. To have a community that supports you and keeps you going with good things to say and focus on what you do well warms my heart and soul. Thanks again… and as you have ‘paid it forward’ I too will now go and do the same…

  2. I love you both and you are doing great in your blogs… It is such a beautiful voyage for me too to follow you… But one day I will meet you both too, in Italy, in Sardinia… Thank you dear Jennifer, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  3. It is lovely to hear of others whose blogs have had a positive effect on their lives, and have created real friendships which otherwise would not have existed. In my case not only have I met some lovely people (first virtually and then actually) but my writing has been launched into publication and then into greater diversity as a result.
    I greatly enjoyed a ramble through recent posts here.

  4. Thanks for the lovely things you have said about me and Bagni di Lucca and Beyond. Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me. It was a delight to meet you and I know we will meet again.

  5. I think comments are great too and it’s a thrill to meet up with blogfriends when the opportunity presents itself. I am very fond of Debra’s photos and feel so familiar now with Bagni di Lucca and its surroundings, I might not get lost if I went there. (I always get lost in new places). Looking forward to reading more of your blog enormously 🙂 Joanna

  6. I, too, am a first time visitor to your blog, via Debra’s. The world just gets smaller and smaller every day, don’t you think?

    I’ll be in Lucca and Florence in May, and will try to meet up with Debra there. How fun to get to “know” somewhere through their blog, eh? Thanks for sharing your world with us.

  7. How wonderful. I read Deb’s post about your meeting, as well. Last week I attended the wedding of a blog friend I had never actually met. I kid you not! So. Much. Fun.

    • It is possible to have friends we’ve never met, just don’t tell my 14yr old step-daughter that! She’s rather obssessed with the number of FB ‘friends’ she has! 😉

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