My Sardinian Life | 7×7 Blog Award

Another blogging award! Whooppee! Thank you Nia! You can find her fantastic blog by clicking this helpful link: photographyofnia. I appreciate your support and acknowledgment on My Sardinian Life. I know it’s overdue, and here it is …

It’s hard for me to believe that the blogging community has awarded me with so many outstanding blogging awards. I am overwhelmed at the support I have received in the last year and a half. I have my faithful readers to thank for that. I hope I can continue to inspire you though my words and photos.

Blogging wouldn’t be the same without the continued support from the community.

Now on with the award.

The Rules:

  1. Tell something about yourself, that no one knows.
  2. Link back to 7 outstanding posts you have written.
  3. Nominate 7 other blogs for the 7×7 Blog Award.

My Sardinian Life’s 7×7 Blog Award

Now I must tell you something you don’t already know about me. I’ve just finished writing things you didn’t know about me for my most recent blogging award, this is going to be hard.

What you don’t already know about me …

One time at band camp … no really, okay, it was Brownie camp (are you ready for it? Left field here I come). I refused to unleash my bowels in the community, twelve-seater, wooden-planked, cesspool of an outhouse. I was eight, dammit! And like I was going to do my business in a community bathroom … anyone could have walked in! I will never forget the outhouse which seats twelve, six on either side … facing each other! Like seriously … no way! I held it for the long weekend and peed in the bush.

Twelve years later I found myself on Fraser Island, 4×4-ing it with German, American, Irish and Canadian backpackers. Our 4×4 was outfitted to perfection: roll-up beds, extra gas, fire, first-aid kits AND the poop digging shovel.

Did I use the poop digging shovel?

H to the NO W-A-Y!

Information over load? Too bad.

Now on with the show.

My Sardinian Life’s 7 Link Backs

Most HelpFul Post

Most Popular Post

Top 7 Shirtless Italian Soccer Players

Most Beautiful Piece
Three Little Angels | A Letter

Most Controversial Post
What is one Country’s Culture is Another’s Taboo

Most Surprising Successful Post
On Being an Expat | In Sardinia Italy

Most Underrated Post
The Wandering Waitress* – Notes From My Novella

Most Prideful Post
How to Pickle a Wild Sardinian Mushroom

Seeing as I’ve just nominated sixteen great blogs on my recent Versatile Blogger post, there is little left for me to choose from. Maybe it’s time to shop around for some new and interesting blogs. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime please browse your friendly sections of My Sardinian Life. Not sure where to start? Why not click any one of the photos above, each photo will bring you directly to that post.

Wishes for a warm spring.

Happy Blogging and Thank You!

11 thoughts on “My Sardinian Life | 7×7 Blog Award

  1. Great post and congrats again!!!! Thanks also for the nomination! I appreciate your kind words! I love all these posts and am going to attempt to revisit them soon! Keep up the beautiful blog!!!

      • You are so kind! Not sure if I’ll get the chance to do it. I have done it before too and love the award. It is great and wonderful to pass along the blogs you love!!!!! We’ll see! Thanks for thinking of me! 🙂

  2. Wonderful post you did dear Jennifer. Congratulations. It was so nice to read you as always, Thank you, have a nice day, with my love, nia

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