A Sardinian Cowllery

A Sardinian Cowllery

I’ve been experimenting with my new super-duper camera. Photographing animals is something I’ve just begun to play around with. What do you think?

Can you offer any photo taking tips for this beginner?

13 thoughts on “A Sardinian Cowllery

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    • Thank you. These cows were actually behind a fence, and I was up a level on the road. I was straining over the fence to snap the pics. Otherwise … I would have never gotten so close …

  2. Love the cow gallery!! One of my favorite photos is of a Sardinian cow running down the middle of the street when I was driving near Bosa….always brings a smile to my face. Your Sardinian cows are adorable! (Photo tip: Rule of thirds – do a quick google….easy but very effective rule when taking photos …keep the photos coming!)

  3. Great shots for a start! Cow have this innocent look on their faces all that time, that they do not scare you at all, even if they are massive in size. I loved the second one as the cow seemed to have posed so perfectly. Try getting a close- up shot of a calf’s face. It will be just cute!

  4. Ahhhh!!! I think cows are one of the cutest animals on the planet!!!!!!!

    I think the first picture guy is going, “What you lookin’ at? huh punk? You wanna mess with me?”

    Great shots!!!! I love cows!!!

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