The $4 Million Dollar Question | Amanda Knox – Her Side

Amanda Knox. The American college girl who had dreams of the beautiful life in Italy. She’s maintained her silence, has been portrayed as a she-devil by a prosecutors and labeled loose by the Italian and British media. American media show Knox as the innocent girl who went abroad, for which unforseen circumstances happened.

She spent four years in Italian prison for the murder of British beauty Meredith Kercher.

Knox’s sentence was overturned in October 2011. She returned to her hometown of Seattle with open arms and fanfare. She’s kept her silence until now.

HarperCollins has paid Knox $4 million dollars to tell her tale of events.

Knox has sold her story! $4 million!

Is this amount just in todays economic crisis? What about the still grieving family of Meredith Kercher? What about the Kercher’s legal bills? Has a publishing house offered them millions of dollars to sell their story of a girl denied the right to live?

Knox’s family have upwards of $1 million in legal fees still to pay.

$3 million in the bank, sick.

Sometimes we forget the innocent who’ve fallen when sensational stories make the headlines.

Let us not forget Meredith Kercher, who was brutally taken while living the dream in Italy.

Are you an expat in Italy and have followed this story? Do you think Amanda Knox should still be behind bars? What really happened on that fateful night, and how much does Amanda really know? Is this another case of justice being un-just?

I’d love to hear your opinions.

Will you be reading the new Amanda Knox book?

23 thoughts on “The $4 Million Dollar Question | Amanda Knox – Her Side

  1. This was a badly botched investigation in which the prosecutor made up his mind before all the evidence was collected and stubbornly refused to change it when the evidence made it clear that Amanda Knox and her boyfriend had nothing to do with it. The evidence is overwhelming that the time of death was too early for these defendants to have been at the cottage. The prosecution’s theory of the case is so implausible that, at the appeal level, the prosecution conceded that there is no motive for the crime. The prosecution’s single- minded pursuit of these defendants led it to let the real murderer off with a slap on the wrist in exchange for his testimony against these two. Unfortunately, the false information the prosecution fed the media in the early days of the case has led many people to have the impression that “there must be something to it.” Read the record and you will realize that there isn’t anything to it.

  2. Rudy only vaguely accused Amanda and Raffaele when he saw that it would benefit him. His early statements indicated they were not involved. There is no evidence that Amanda and Raffaele were involved at all in this murder. This was a rairoad job and the Kercher’s did everything in their power to keep two innocent people in jail for 4 years. Amanda Knox doesn’t owe them the time of day.

    • His name is Rudy Guede, he was sentenced to 30yrs, but was reduced on appeal to 16yrs. He was arrested in Germany after fleeing Italy a few days after the murder. His fingerprints were found all over the crime scene. His DNA was found inside the body of Kercher, on her pillow, sweatshirt and bra. He opted for a fast-track trail with no reporters … maybe he’s taking the bulk of the blame in this murderous game. He has stated that Knox was inside the apartment at the time of the murder and to this day maintains his innocence.

    • He was a local petty theif who was known to have broken in through second story windows using a rock. The same MO he used to break into the cottage. His DNA was found inside of the victims vagina, on her clothes, a palm print in her blood, his admitted shoe prints down the hall and he admitted being there and seeing her bleeding. He fled to Germany a day after the murder. In a skype call to a friend he said Amanda and Raffaele were not there. He makes the ridiculous claim that he was on a date with Meredith Kercher when someone else killed her.

    • Jennifer’s response pretty much explains it. There is strong evidence to place him there as well as committing the actual crime, thus he is still in jail. As I stated I have no clue (like every one else) if the other two were actually involved but I don’t think keeping them in prison on sketchy evidence is the way to go.

  3. Hard to really know what happened but from reading the details the evidence against Amanda and her then boyfriend appeared to be sketchy. As well as the way the authorities conducted themselves. The book I feel is in bad taste but that is the free market and HarperCollins knows that this story will garner interest and so they are paying her that ridiculous amount. While it would be great for Amanda to give some of the money to the family I don’t think she should feel obligated to. Let’s just assume she is innocent, well then she just spent 4 years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. If 4 years of my life was taken away for something I didn’t do I think I might welcome that money. I agree the victim shouldn’t be forgotten however Amanda has been deemed innocent so she really should be able to go about her life the way she sees fit. Meredith should be remembered and honoured by her family. Also I’m pretty sure someone has been found guilty of this murder, can’t remember his name, but he is still in prison.

  4. The could pay us $4mil for our story, still get murder, politics, love, travel and a few other things yet not be glamorising a terrible situation.
    Is she guilty? Probably, but who knows. I am not the jury and I don’t trust what I read in the media.
    This young woman should donate at least half the proceeds to the family of the dead girl.

    • You’re absolutely right! She needs to donate at least half of this money to the Kercher family. Do I think she’s guilty? Hard to say. She may not have dealt the deathly blow, but I think she was right there, in the same room.

      • The Kercher family through their lawyer Francesco Maresca are actively trying to prosecute Amanda Knox. They support the appeal to the supreme court to void the appeal acquittal. It would be madness to give them money just to use it to prosecute her. Plus, she doesn’t owe them anything. She spent 4 yrs in jail wrongfully. The money will go to pay off past and ongoing legal fees. Little will be left after taxes and debt are paid.

  5. Wow that is crazy and mad. I have followed the story since it seemed so strange and I also studied abroad at a young age. For some reason I feel lIke she is innocent maybe because it is hard to believe that a young girl could do something like that. Then again to get four million dollars is so wrong. If she had a heart perhaps she would donate some of it or if she as innocent try to make something good out of the money to help the other family. We live in a sick world don’t we!

  6. I haven’t heard anything about this here.

    But I do strongly beleive that as an expat, I have a duty to uphold the law in the country I live in within my own laws from my home country. The balancing act if you will.

    But no, I generally speaking don’t really like books along these lines.

  7. I still believe they are still guilty of murder. But the worst thing is, if there is evidence found to PROVE them guilty America will not extridite them be for trial.

    This is were America fails the world, someone guilty of a crime cannot be sent for trial, it’s wrong.

    I have put this on twitter.

    • dribbling, why don’t you read the appeal judge’s report? See here:

      I don’t think you’ve followed this case very closely. It’s quite clear what happened. Rudy Guede killed Merideth. The prosecutor’s pressed charges against Amanda Knox and Sollecito because they were announced their guilt after a few days before the evidence came in, and were then too arrogant to change review the evidence, at the cost of the Italian tax payer of millions of Euros. It has been a shameful example of how naive people can be railroaded, and coerced into make false statements.

  8. I have followed this story a bit. We don’t hear anything much about it in Australia. How will we ever know the truth. The girl who does is dead and the rest is uncertain. Perhaps it was a foolish game that went wrong, who knows. I won’t be reading the book.

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