Canadian Snow

After thirteen days of hoping, wishing and praying, it finally happened. It snowed, in Canada! It was a bright green holiday season and I was hoping to get a good white covering, this morning it happened.

Throwing on my favorite Canadian sweater I stepped outdoors and snapped a few snowy pics. I hope it lasts. A Snowman is in the making.

Just a light dusting, but I’m happier than a Canadian in a canoe.

How do you play with snow?

10 thoughts on “Canadian Snow

  1. I laughed so hard when I read, “It finally happened! It snowed in Canada!” LOL!!!

    I love to dance in the snow and go out to see the world made clean by a coatin gof white stuff. Then if it is not the wet snow fall into it and roll around. Basically…. get as cold as possible so I get to dash inside and drink the warm mulled wine. Then go back out and do it again!!!!

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