Sunday Lovely Sunday | Driver Beware

Sunday Lovely Sunday is the best day of the week, and it’s the best day for lovely afternoon drives in the countryside. Sunday Lovely Sunday drives are a favourite pastime for many Sardinians. Leisurely taking the time to notice the spectacular settings that surround oneself will leave you feeling revived and fresh.


However, Sunday Lovely Sunday drives are a little dangerous. Never knowing what may pop out from the surrounding farms, sheep, cows, bulls, wild boar, dogs. The animals are wild even though they are kept within their large farm grounds, they too like Sunday Lovely Sunday. They too want to hit the high road in search of something better, freedom maybe?


These lovely mammals were without shepherd and were running with speed I’ve only seen Usain Bolt attain. They were free, enjoying the lovely Sunday afternoon air. Should you find yourself on Sardegna’s lovely grounds, please take care with animals you see roadside. They are lost and are trying to find their way. Give them the right of way they so rightfully deserve.

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