Cappuccino Italian Style

There is nothing like a steaming frothy cup of Cappuccino to set your morning straight. And there is no other place in the world where they do Cappuccino like they do here, in Italy.

Italian Cappuccino in Verona

The Italians developed the Cappuccino in the early 1900’s, and a year later the first patent for the espresso machine was filed by a Milanese by the name of Luigi Bezzera. After this the coffee business began to grow. Espresso machines were added to restaurants, cafe’s and specialty coffee houses sprang up around the world.

Generally the Cappuccino is a morning beverage. A beverage to have along with breakfast. However the popularity of the Cappuccino has escalated drastically over the last one hundred and eleven-ish years that the Cappuccino is now (generally) drunk all throughout the day. But be ready for strange looks if you are visiting a small town bar in Italy, and ask for a Cappuccino outside of breakfast hours. Some folk tales remain true, even to this day.

Happy Friday. Happy Cappuccino.

15 thoughts on “Cappuccino Italian Style

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  2. You know, with all the Italian coffee shops we have here in Melbourne, I still have never quite got the whole cappuccino thing. I dislike paying for froth. However, I good flat white or a latte, yep, I’m there!

  3. I will be in lovely Italy in a week to have a coffee at Bar Italia in Bagni di Lucca. Can’t wait. I have just finished a good coffee in Helsinki, next stop Paris. I don’t much like the coffee in Paris, but there are compensations.

  4. wow – did you take a pic of this coffee? crazy bar??? I want one. in fact, i had a cap tonight at the Second Cup at our local library because I read the headline of your post on my phone today. keep writing Little Sister Beautiful.

  5. Great photo and great topic. I’m off to the kitchen to see if I can scrounge up something even remotely comparable. I think it should be its own food group….


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