The Singing Brazilian | Mr. Satisfaction

It’s Monday. Period. And I can’t get no satisfaction. I’ve attempted to write a top something list (it will be published, at some point in the near-ish future) but my mind is distracted by other things. There is a cool salt breeze coming through the open bay windows. The ocean from here, is but a calm motionless entity. The hazy blue sky reflects my lazy mood. It’s times like these when one should tie on their sneakers and hit the streets for a run. But I’m addicted. I’ll run tomorrow and blog today.

Meet Mr. Satisfaction.

Mr. Satisfaction

I met this singing Brazilian on the soft white sands of Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. The morning was hot and the beach was filled with tourists and vendors alike. All he wanted to do was sing, to bring happiness to the tourists and to maybe get some satisfaction. It was October 2005 and it was my birthday.

Mr. Satisfaction serenaded me with the most off-key rendition of The Rolling Stones’ – I Can’t Get No Satisfaction. He continued on with this oddly beautiful tribute for ten minutes, complete with dance moves and a guitar. It was priceless, a moment I will never forget. (Yes, of course I tipped Mr. Satisfaction.)

Happy Monday.

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