Part of the Tradition

For the better part of three years I have put food on the table, paid bills, went on mini-vacations to the main-land and bought a few things for the house by working in a bakery which specializes in pane, all things bread related. There are four employees: The Boss, The Bosses Best Friend, The Bosses Best Friends Wife and The Little Guy with big halitosis. It’s an easy job and a far cry from the five-hundred seat restaurant over-looking Niagara Falls where I used to wait tables.

Baked Fresh Daily and Locally. Full of fun carbs.

Working in a small, very small town bakery on the mountain-top, in the Med is truly an experience and being part of the tradition that has gone on for centuries is humbling; I feel honoured to know the secrets. Besides making wonderfully fun-shaped, delicious bread we also make the local tradition: Canestre. 

Sardinian Canestre

Most towns in Italy, in particular in Sardegna make these canestre. Each town or province will have its own unique recipe, no two the same. This is ours: flour, sugar and … Did you really think I would give it all away? Nah, I couldn’t do that. I’m part of this society now, and some traditional recipes shall remain a secret, for centuries to come.

Bundled and ready to go.

9 thoughts on “Part of the Tradition

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  2. oh the smells of your bakery must be heavenly.

    guy with halitosis? heheh except for his smell.

  3. it is a secret!!! Shhhhh!!! Like how they put the caramel inside a caramilk bar…. I never want to know it but I just want to eat it!!!

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