New Cat(s) in Town

I’ve found a new distraction and it’s taking up all my should-be-writing time. Warning: This post is not about Sardegna, or travel related in any way. It’s filled with super cuteness. If you don’t like cute then click here.


I found these cute little kittens four days ago living in the abandoned house next door to us. There are three little powder-puffs of fuzziest joy: Orange, Gray and White. They bounce and play and do what all kittens do, it amuses me to see their delight. I’ve been banned on feeding them as there are too many strays cats in town, and they all seem to leave their mark in our garage. Their mother comes to feed her new life a few times a day and I can hear the kittens mew in delight.

Orange and White

The above picture was hard to get. Orange doesn’t like cuddles all that much. He prefers to sleep alone under the water tank and it’s Gray and White that spend all the time in cuddle heaven. I really wish I could have one, but Husband doesn’t want a cat. As much as I’m a cat lover and WANT one so bad, I have to agree with him on this one. So I’m on stand-by, watching these three grow.

6 thoughts on “New Cat(s) in Town

  1. OMG, you had me at cats! These three are so adorable. They grow fast too. Last summer, we found a mamma cat and her six newborn kittens living on the side of our house. We took them in until they could seperate from their mom. It was so neat seeting them grow and their little personalities. We loved it so much we kept the mamma and one kitten.

  2. That grey one would be adopted by me in a heart beat. They must be hard to resist.

    • I haven’t seen them since the day I posted this post. It saddens me. I’ve looked for them all hours of the day. Mama must have taken her litter elsewhere. Boohoo.

  3. Cats!!! The musical brought to your from Sardegna!!!! Kittens are uber cute!!!! No matter which country they are in!

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