Cavalcata Sarda 2011

One hundred and twelve years have passed since the first Cavalcata Sarda took place to honor King Umberto 1 and Queen Margherita, who made a visit to Sardegna in 1899. This colourful folk festival is held on the second-last Sunday of May, every year.

Cavalcata Sarda

Traditionally, there was a large horse race throughout town, where thousands of manned horses would speed through the cobblestone streets of Sassari. In the last few years the comune deemed this activity dangerous and moved the horse race to the Ippodromo (Domed stadium) in Sassari.

Cavalcata Sarda

Cavalcata Sarda

Sassari welcomes hundreds of horse-men and horse-women from every part of Sardegna. The procession begins with the folk groups, dressed in multi-coloured traditional costumes embellished with jewels and amulets. With them, they carry the traditional labour of the area(s): kindling for the fire, old-fashioned baked breads, vines from the vineyard, walking sticks, local cheese and wines.

Sardinian Women and Wares

Traditional Sardinian Dress

Traditional Sardinan music and singing is played out before the judging panel. Each town gives their best performance with the glory going to only one.

The best part of this festival are the children. They never stop smiling. There is a beauty in their eye’s that only this island will understand.

A Beautiful Sardinian Child

7 thoughts on “Cavalcata Sarda 2011

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  2. Gorgeous photos–I especially like the one of the young woman near the end. Japan is also home to many small, local festivals, and I love seeing the festivals of other countries!

  3. What a terrific event. We visited Sardegna a couple of years ago and loved it. We stumbled on a local festa, complete with costumes and wedding finta – it was just wonderful. It’s a beautiful island, and you do it justice with your great photos and descriptions!

  4. What The Hook said! Bravo! Love the little girl. We aren’t bringing traditional dress home for the children because they will just grow out of them too quickly, sadly. We will have to ge them later.

  5. Stunning photos!!!! Thank-you for sharing them with us!!!!

    Pssst!!!! Stop posting pictures!!! I am already tempted to hop a plane and check it out!!!!

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