Snapshots: The Endless Path

Just a quick snapshot from an adventure I took away from the emerald coastlines of Sardinia, Italy. There is nothing more I love than to venture into the heart and under the shadows to discover the real Sardinia, because it’s only there, where you can find an endless path that takes you to amazing places.

Where is your next adventure?

6 thoughts on “Snapshots: The Endless Path

  1. Ciao Jennifer
    Sardegna is just amazingly beautiful. We so enjoyed visiting family last June and wandering on own own to see some amazing places and beaches. Our cousins met us st the airport in Olbia and took us to see the Emerald Coast. Wow. We also ventured to a town called Bosa and its beach, so much beauty. The town was darling with such history and culture. Cannot wait for the pandemic to be over for all of us so we can visit family and places again. Stay safe, you look great as always, and haven’t changed a bit! I still make a few of your shared recipes, love them. Have a beautiful week and May God Bless dear friend.
    Love & Hugs,
    Rosemarie (The Sard American)

    • Hello Rosemarie, it’s nice to hear from you. I love wandering the streets of an town in Sardinia. I have yet to visit Bosa but it’s on my list! I can’t wait either for this pandemic to be over, I miss my island.
      All the best to you my friend.

  2. Hi, I hope you are doing alright!
    This is so beautiful. I have been reading your blogs for quite some time now(I love each and every one of them). My imagination and this picture alone is enough to put me in a dream-like trance. I can’t wait to visit Sardinia when all this over(I hope you taking care of yourself, please stay safe. God Bless you) and who knows maybe settle down with my family.
    Never stop writing these beautiful blogs, they give me so much hope and purpose.

  3. Ciao Jennifer
    Just beautiful as always. My family and I are visiting my family in Anela in June and cannot wait to see them all and spend time in Sardegna again! Have a beautiful week and summer! MAy God Bless!
    The Sard/American,

    • Hello Rosemarie, it’s been awhile! Thank you, and I hope you have an excellent time while you’re here. If you make it to the north, and have time, drop me an email, maybe we could meet for coffee.

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