The Case of the Mysterious Canadian Ensign Lost & Found in Sardinia

Do you know the owner of this ensign that washed up on the shore of Sardinia?

My Sardinian Life

In life, I believe everything happens for a reason.

Why did a brand new, ensign of Canada land in my hands yesterday morning? Coincidence? Fate? A message in a bottle ensign? Or just the sweet generosity of the man who found it?

Our conversation went something like this:

The Italian Version

Sweet ManBoungirono. Ho trovato una bandiera canadese e pensato a te, ti piace?
Me – Oh, buongiorno. Ma, hai trovato una bandiera canadese? Dove?
Sweet ManIn Costa Paradiso. Qualcuno l’ha buttato via.
Me – Perché qualcuno dovrebbe buttarlo fuori? Non e giusto.
Sweet ManNon lo so, ma vuoi?
Me – Ma, certo. Grazie.
Sweet ManIo te lo darò a te ora.
Me – Sei molto gentile. Grazie.

English Version

Sweet ManGood Morning. I found a Canadian flag and thought of you. Would you like it?

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10 thoughts on “The Case of the Mysterious Canadian Ensign Lost & Found in Sardinia

      • Good. Well I wasn’t all that good but doing okay my friend. Actually even got back to blogging of late. And trying to work on the book again…sort of…actually it is a new book. It is the first book which I decided better be written first. Makes sense no?

      • Thanks ma’am. It was just a few things I needed to get sorted in my head. Sometimes life seems a bit much…but eventually I realise how good it is in fact.

    • Hello! Life is going pretty well back in Canada. I know what you mean about missing friends and the sense of adventure. Ill be back in Sardinia spring 2016 and I can’t wait!! Canada was never permanent! Gosh, I can’t remember where you are – Edmonton or Toronto or neither? How did Willow like the air travel?

      • Oh that is great you are going back. Permanent? We won’t go back other than a possible vacation. It just wasn’t healthy… the air or the work stress 😦 We went back to Niagara, but hubby had a job out in Alberta so we came out here after a month. We are in Calgary, short term? I have a job in the works and may need to stay here or head back to Ontario. No rush since I need the time to unwind and readjust.
        Willow made the trip home on the plane well. Such a trooper since the poor thing needed to stay in the crate for 26 hours door to door. She did great on the drive out here too… 3.5 days in a car! She was so funny. Everyday as we set out she would wander the car and meow. It made me think she was checking to be sure everything was in order or nothing left behind. I posted our road trip out here and if you want to see some cute pics of Willow here is the link.
        Take care 🙂

      • Well you can take a Canadian out of Sardinia, but you can’t take Sardinia out of a Canadian….I’ll be going back in 1016 also but summer is my choice.

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