Top 5 Beaches in The Gallura | Sardinia, Italy

My Sardinian Life

Are you seeking a private haven where you can sit on the beach and do nothing, for hours? Or maybe, it’s a family beach oasis that you are after. Which ever beach vacation you are looking for The Gallura will fill your senses with peaceful shorelines and endless turquoise waters.

The name ‘Gallura’ derives from a shortened Latin term ‘Galli-Rura‘ or ‘Galilensi Islands.’ The Romans marked the map to show the boundaries of the islands, known as Sardinia. The Gallura is located east of the Tyrrhenian Sea, North of the Straits of Bonifacio and west of The Gulf of Asinara.

The Gallura is family friendly, offering various styles of housing to suit every budget.There are plenty of recreational sports and activities to choose from. It is here that you find unspoilt private havens, coves, bays and inlets. The Gallura is composed of twenty-eight provinces…

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1 thought on “Top 5 Beaches in The Gallura | Sardinia, Italy

  1. Ciao Jennifer

    They look amazing! We are going back to Sardegna next year to visit family again and we can’t wait! I just had back surgery and am still recovering so I have not been at my computer in a while! Take care, love & hugs to both you and your husband. Hope everything is going well!

    Love & Hugs and May God Bless!

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