Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

This weeks challenge is all about people and the things they do. I’ve never been one to photograph people as I prefer rolling landscapes and blue waters, so I’ve dug a little deep to find some people pics. I hope you enjoy.

Two days ago a mistral blew through northern Sardinia and we headed to the beach to roll in the waves. Elated to see about eight surfers in the water, I knew what I had to do next; out came the camera and I snapped away. Surfing is an everyday occurence (when the weather permits) for many surfers in this neck of the woods.

A few years ago I made my way back to Canada for a visit. Along with my sister and her beautiful family we drove to Gatineau, Quebec to visit my sister’s in-laws. We had many beautiful adventures: walking among the freshly fallen rustic leaves and watching the ripples fade in a mirror-like pond.

We also went tobogganing!

Prague is one of my all time favourite cities, and I don’t like large cities. I climbed the bell tower and snapped this photo of everyday life in Prague.

My girlfriends and I packed up the car and drove to New Hampshire for a four-day long weekend. Surprised to see the New Hampshire Police force using this mode of transportation; I guess it’s part of their everyday life, I sure had a giggle.

In 2007 I had the pleasure of traveling to Santorini, Greece with this group of fabulous travelers. I have been a member on Virtual Tourist since 2005 when I was searching for information on Brazil. These people are a wealth of information and are a great group to ride a donkey up a steep mountain with. I would do it again, yes I would!

Now the following photo shows my everyday life, albeit six years ago when I was running around as a waitress in a busy restaurant overlooking Niagara Falls, Canada. I loved my job, really I did. This photo is dedicated to one special person, and all the douchebags that don’t tip!

This is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life.

What are some of your everyday life habits?

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

  1. That police vehicle would have the great advantage of not causing any high speed pursuit accidents. And I do like your Prague shot too, Jennifer. On my only trip there I neglected to take a camera – more fool me!

  2. You have captured everyday life all around the world there, Jennifer! Love the first photo of the surfer – he almost looks like a mannequin stuck on his surfboard! 🙂

  3. Jennifer
    You are just too, too talented! Amazing pictures and my sentiments on people who don’t tip! What a world traveler you have been! Have a beautiful day, keep the photos and stories coming! May God Bless!

    Ciao fromThe Sard/American,

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