Work, Wine & No Time

This is how I feel after working 60 hours this week:

This is what I’d rather be doing:Β 

How is your summer shaping up? Tell me about it below I’d like to live vicariously through you.

28 thoughts on “Work, Wine & No Time

  1. Ciao Jennifer,
    now we are back home and your working sessions will be much easier than last week :-)). We are missing you and dreaming of Sardinia cause in Germany itΒ΄s raining cats and dogs.

    • Ciao Passionfruits,

      I remember who you are and your table of contagious laughter brings warmth to my heart. I had a super time meeting you, chatting with you and laughing with you. I hope the sun shines warmly in Germany … and soon! The weather here has changed, it’s quite cool and we now have a maestrale blowing though. Please keep in touch. Kind regards.

      • Heard yesterday evening about these awful forest fire at costa smeralda. Hope it will be stopped soon and you and your friends are o.k. All the best and take care !

      • Yes, there are plenty of fires in the area of Olbia and Nuoro this week. It’s really sad. Over 500 people had to be evacuated from hotels and homes, about 5 people have lost their lives. It’s truly a sad time here in Sardinia.

        I think a lot of these fires start with careless tourists who throw their cigarettes out the window.

        We are good in my area, I have seen no fires.

        Thank you for the well wishes.

        I hope the rain has stopped for you in Germany.

        Ci vediamo!

        All the best, salute tutti! Un grande bacione!


  2. I guess that’s why my son decided not to work in the hospitality industry after earning a 4 year university degree in that subject. So, he’s a project manager for clinical trials studying tobacco cessation. He works hard, but not 80 hours a week!

  3. Summer does not sound like summer any more! I am anxious to “discover the world” and do something different. Expectancy is high and results low. Not the best summer. However moral is extremely hight. Thank you for sharing, it gives energy!

  4. Congrats on getting work… and yes when it rain it pours. We want work then it becomes too much! I am just easing into summer with a week down and another almost over 😦 It is going too fast. I returned to Canada for the summer after 6 months away. I have been sleeping in and cacthing up on the blog. Also gone swimming at my brother’s and hanging out with the nephews. I am just enjoying no deadlines, schedules or a long list of TO DOs. Endless possiblities… we are looking into Cuba for a short holiday and visiting with friends at home. Just hanging out, reading or staring at the blue sky is enough for now… don’t work too hard.

  5. Well, to use an american expression (or is it) ‘make hay while the sun shines’. in the winter you will be longing for work, lol. Speaking of hay, have you had any fires up there? we have, and it is devastating. Not always from cigarette butts-though for sur they enter in-its sad to know that a spark, in this hot weather, can ignite a huge campo. lets hope not too much more gets burned, sad to see black fields of grain, especially when people hadnt plowed before the fire.

    • Ciao Janice,

      I’ve never heard the expression “make hay while the sun shines,” but I like it!

      In the winter I won’t be longing for work, nah ah, I’ll be longing for a good 8 months sleep like the bears! πŸ™‚

      No fires, that I know of in this area. None that I’ve seen myself. Careless people create ugly disasters.

      Hope you are having a nice summer.

    • The heat doesn’t help a thing! Makes matters worse as I work in an open air restaurant! It’s times like these that I wish for snow and lots of it!

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope your summer turns around and you find the time for that nice glass of wine.

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